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  • AMSOIL has been offering customers premium synthetic oils since 1972. Since that time the company has developed the largest products line of synthetic oils, fluids, gear lubes and much more. AMSOIL makes products that meet and exceed OEM specifications, meeting all warranty requirements for synthetic oil applications.
  • Amsoil develops a variety of products. Each product begins with examining a specific lubricant application, discovering its weaknesses and then formulating a product to solve known issue. The products offered to our customers have been tested in the lab and in the field to not only solve known problems, but also to exceed as the best synthetic lubricant in the market. We believe that customers do not buy a synthetic oil for what it is, but rather for what it does. After all.. since you pay more for synthetic oil products, shouldn’t you get more?
  • Our customers choose AMSOIL because of its consistent quality, measurable results and because switching to AMSOIL has proven a noticeable difference. We know that you will love our products so much, you will buy more,… for this reason (repeat customers like you), AMSOIL has developed the “Loyalty Program” for our Preferred Customer.
  • If you plan to buy more AMSOIL products in the future, see our Preferred Customer program
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For order of less than $100, we suggest simply use the website, or call AMSOIL customer service 1(800) 956-5695, ask for products by AMSOIL code or description. You will need a referral number, thank you for using referral number 323230.

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Online orders are completed with your account information, primarily a shipping address… we suggest you create your account first for more product information, purchase options and applicable state/ province environmental fees & taxes.

  • You can add additional shipping addresses after you create an account.
  • Product Pricing: When browsing website, Canadian customers will view all products and the Preferred Customer membership as $CAD pricing… only after the account is created.
  • Product availability: Due to industrial strength additives in Amsoil products, some items are not shipped to Canada and some regions in the USA, (products are restricted by province/ state consumer by-laws). When you create an account, will display all items available in your province/ state specified by your shipping address.

If you plan on buying AMSOIL again in the future, we recommend the Preferred Customer program for 25% savings and additional “Loyalty” program offers available only to Preferred Customers.

  • The Preferred Customer membership (purchasing option) can be easily applied to your order for comparison pricing before you complete your order. Simply add (or remove) the Preferred Customer membership to review your total price before you buy. You will notice, for orders over $100 USD/ $120 CAD, the Preferred Customer membership offers you product savings including the cost of membership.
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