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See how AMSOIL products perform in the lab and in the field.

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Qualified Retail and Installer accounts have a business location with store front access, and purchase AMSOIL factory direct wholesale pricing.

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Customer’s Loyalty towards AMSOIL

AMSOIL in your store brings instant recognition of quality customers trust. Amsoil was the first blending company to offer an API/SAE rated synthetic lubricant. Since then, 1972, many other competitors have introduced a synthetic product. However, many of these brands have been tarnished with litigation suits and false claims, and most of all… their products offer no noticeable difference. Customers who know Amsoil experience a difference, they simply do not find another brand that can offer the noticeable change brought about by using AMSOIL.

Since your customers pay more for a synthetic lubricant, should they get more?

Growing Demand

As a result of government mandates, auto manufacturer (OEM) requirements for modern engine design and simply consumers’ desire for better-performance products; Amsoil provides three tiers of motor oil products for your customers.

  • Amsoil OE for longer interval recommended by OEM for extended drain intervals such as longer intervals when using synthetic oil and/or oil life monitor (OLM).
  • Amsoil XL for oil change service 10,000 mile (16,000kms)/ six months. Perfect match for customers who install winter/ summer tires and the Amsoil oil service.
  • All Signature series (top tier motor oils), for customer who want a one year 25,000 mile (40,000kms) oil change service, or they simply want only the best motor oil.

Become a Reseller/ Installer

Amsoil is a wholesale supplier of synthetic oils, fluids and gear lubes for automotive and heavy-duty applications. To qualify as a new account, business locations exist with a physical store front and sell other products/ services.

  • No charge for products delivered to your shop for order over $350 USD / $450 CAD.
  • Earn 3% credit (Co-Op credit) from every order for merchandising, promotional items or cash credit towards your business advertising budget. See a catalogue of merchandising/ promotional items
  • Your business will be listed on the Amsoil Locator site (with min order $350 USD/ $450 CAD)
  • Request more information (hard copy by mail) about the Reseller/ Installer account:
  • Register your business online yourself
  • Or, Contact us to set up your Retail/ Installer account.

Retail accounts can upgrade to Dealership accounts for additional wholesale discounts plus cash incentive starting at 8% and up to 25% for larger volume orders.

  • Cash payments can be assigned to your corporation. (Contact us of for more info)
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AMSOIL Dealership account for reseller/ installers

Large volume discounts are calculated as a combination of Dealer wholesale price discounts and cash incentives based on monthly orders. For example when your make a single order of $5,050 USD/ $5,750 CAD, you can save approximately 17%+ (that is… $860 USD/ $980 CAD… calculated as combined Dealer wholesale price discount + cash incentive).

  • There are No annual contracts to sign for discounts or cash incentives
    • Amsoil Dealership requires annual renewal (auto-renewal fees $40 USD/ $50 CAD)
  • No minimum orders, order less or more.
    • Large volume discounts start at 8% with orders of $1,250 USD/ $1,350 CAD, and up to a maximum of 25% with orders of $10,000 USD/ $11,400 CAD.
  • No annual quantity required, order as much as little as you need.
  • Wholesale Discount are applied to each order and cash incentive are paid out in the month following the order date.

Let us calculate your large volume discount for US and Canadian inquiries, and know when you should consider changing your Retail/ Installer account to an AMSOIL Dealer account.

As an established business selling AMSOIL, when should you consider changing your Retail/ Installer account status to an Amsoil Dealership?

Established business owners that expect better volume pricing… upgrade to the AMSOIL Dealership (purchase option) for wholesale discounts and cash incentives on larger orders. Each AMSOIL product tier offer slightly higher cash incentives starting with the OE product tier. Your order will typically consist of multiple viscosities of motor oils, transmission fluids or gear lubes and perhaps from the different product tiers… so each order is unique.

Let Us Calculate Your Larger Volume Discount

What is the difference between a Retail/ Installer account and an AMSOIL Dealer account?

AMSOIL Retail/ Installer account AMSOIL Dealer account
Buy AMSOIL products at standard wholesale pricing Yes Yes
Free technical support from AMSOIL Technical Services Yes Yes
Your shop listed on the AMSOIL Locator website Yes Yes
Free shipping options (orders $350 USD/ $450 CAD) Yes Yes
Earn 3% Co-Op credits for promotional items or advertising Yes Yes
Register new customer accounts Yes Yes
Additional wholesale discounts from 2% up to 10% Yes Yes
Earn Cash incentives Yes Yes
Annual renewal fees Yes Yes
Create an Account 1 Create an Account 1
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