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AMSOIL INC. provides product sales and service through its Authorized Dealer Network. Working directly with customers, Authorized Dealers are the primary contact for customer questions and ordering. Approved accounts have the option of ordering products from their servicing Dealer or directly from AMSOIL INC.
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An Authorized AMSOIL Dealer explains how new accounts to take advantage of pricing discounts limited to the type of customer account. The “Retail/ Installer”, “Commercial” and “Preferred Customer” accounts offer different wholesale pricing advantages. We help new accounts to take full advantage of discounts and marketing programs offered by AMSOIL INC.

If you would like to ask a question about the different AMSOIL customer programs and offers, you can call direct or Get In Touch online.

“Our company makes the best lubricants in the World, and challenges anyone or any company to prove us wrong! That won’t happen because our competitors know it’s true.”
A. J. Amatuzio, President and CEO AMSOIL Inc.

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An American Success Story

Though the company was founded in 1972, the story of AMSOIL INC. begins in the mid-1960’s, when Lt. Col. A.J. “Al” Amatuzio, a jet fighter squadron commander, was impressed by the superb performance of synthetic lubricants in jet engines and began considering their possible automotive applications. In 1972, after an intense period of research and development, Amatuzio introduced the first synthetic motor oil to exceed API automobile service requirements.

AMSOIL INC. has seen rapid growth and constant change. Fundamental to this great success is a commitment to quality, excellence and constant improvement. As the years passed, an increasingly broad range of automotive, industrial, small (2-4 stroke) engine lubricants and oil filtration products were developed. Each new product exceeding industry performance and specifications by a wide margin. We don’t believe customers buy synthetic oils for what they are, but rather for how well they perform.

The Future of AMSOIL

Our world relies on technology to meet ever-increasing demands of transportation, manufacturing, and industry. The use of high-quality synthetic lubricants to meet these demands has grown steadily, and the products we need in the future will differ from those of today. As a result; AMSOIL proactively anticipates these needs to remain on the cutting edge of new developments and technology. With capacity geared to meet projected market demands decades away, AMSOIL maintains a state-of-the-art lubricant production plant, material blending, bulk storage facilities and high-speed packaging equipment.

New Product Chronology

It is certain that synthetic lubrication will be the ONLY choice in the future. AMSOIL maintains its “Commitment to Excellence” continually introducing new products and to setting new industry benchmarks.

  • First to develop an API-rated 100 percent synthetic motor oil.
  • First to introduce the concept of “extended drain intervals” with a recommended 25,000-mile/1-year drain interval.
  • First U.S. company to utilize the NOACK volatility test as a standard of performance excellence.
  • First to produce synthetic motor oils for diesel engines, racing engines, turbo and marine engines.
  • First to introduce synthetic oils that legitimately contribute to improving fuel efficiency.
  • First to manufacture synthetic gear lube for automotive use.
  • First to manufacture a 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil.
  • First to manufacture a synthetic automatic transmission fluid for automotive use.
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