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AMSOIL INC. has many customer account pricing schedules and other offers for our customers. For questions about the different pricing programs, current offers or just questions about our products, ask an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer.

Submit a question or give me a call. I will reply the same day or as soon as possible between the hours of 8am-5pm (est) – Monday – Friday. Thank you for choosing AMSOIL.

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    Receive ordering, pricing and delivery information for your business account.

    Request by Mail for Retail and Commercial Buyers

    Retail and Commercial qualify for additional discounts of 5 – 10%. Contact me to find out more.

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    AMSOIL for your Customers

    • Auto service centres
    • Heavy-duty service centres
    • Motorcycle and Powersport Dealers
    • Retail merchandise stores

    AMSOIL for Work

    Any business that uses vehicles and equipment in the daily operation of theirs business

    • Trucking freight & delivery
    • Fleet vehicles
    • Contractors
    • Landscaping companies
    • Taxi
    • Industry plants

    Free Resources to Learn more about Lubricants and How they Perform

    Resources for Mechanics

    Mechanics love AMSOIL. If you like to learn about lubricant theory and how AMSOIL performs, then you need these resources. AMSOIL publishes several manuals and technical service bulletins that may be of interest to you.

    • 40 Reasons for Oil Consumption
    • Introduction to Diesel Fuel
    • Technical Introduction to Oil Analysis
    • Air and Fluid Filtration
    • Principles of Lubrication
    • Engine Theory and Operation
    • Engine Lubrication (2-4 cycle engines)
    • Mobile Drivetrain Fluids

    These study guides will give you an understand of lubricants and help you explain to your customers the terms and concepts of different types lubricating oils/ fluids and the importance of regular service. If you are a mechanic working in vehicle maintenance, you will appreciate these study resources.

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