1 Year Oil Change

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1 Year Oil Change with AMSOIL®

one year oil change 40,000 kms

Protect your engine with a one-year oil change

For vehicle owners in Canada, preventative car maintenance is a fact of life. For most makes and models, it used to be a set interval of three months or 5,000km (3,000 miles) between changing the motor oil. Modern vehicles might extend those intervals using semi-synthetic blend oil or with an oil life monitoring system, but there are at least two services required per year. But did you know that a one-year oil change using AMSOIL can do the same job or better at protecting your engine.

AMSOIL Signature Series engine oils provide next-level protection against wear and tear when used in tandem with an EaO oil filter. Track your oil change history, receive maintenance reminders, and recall product information by creating a MyAMSOILGarage account.

Find AMSOIL brand motor oil, oil filter and transmission fluid for your next oil change

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When you set up a free MyAMSOILGarage account, the oil and filter you need for your engine is just a click away. Find the right oil viscosity for your engine as well as the correct oil filter size for your car or truck. Keep track of your vehicle maintenance records and receive reminders when your annual oil change is coming up so you can get the supplies you need.

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How often should you change your oil?

Extending those intervals can save you money over the course of a year and the vehicle’s lifecycle, but it requires the best oil you can get your hands on. That’s AMSOIL Signature Series engine oil.

By switching to AMSOIL Signature Series oil and an EaO oil filter, you can change the oil annually rather than multiple times a year. Not only can it reduce the inconvenience of changing your own oil or bringing it to the service shop, but it protects your engine better, avoiding expensive future repairs.

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Is it ok to change oil once a year?

Yes, you can extend your oil change intervals with AMSOIL products. AMSOIL guarantees engine protection for a one-year oil change or up to 40,000km (25,000mi) when AMSOIL Signature Series full synthetic oil and an AMSOL brand EaO filter are used.

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Did you know?

It is common practice for your local dealership or service shop to offer a flat rate labour charge to install your choice of service lubricants. In fact they like it… they like meet a new customer.

Get your 1 year oil change  |  vehicle look up at AMSOIL INC.
… and bring AMSOIL to your favorite service centre.

Make 2023 the year of a new kind of oil change… the AMSOIL 1 year oil change.

Why choose AMSOIL?

Whether you change oil once a year or more frequently, AMSOIL provides the ultimate in engine protection. Signature Series oil outperforms the industry standard in the Sequence IVA Engine Test and protects turbocharged engines against the effects of extreme temperature. With better protection against sludge, easier cold starts, and cleaner engine operation, it’s clearly the best choice you can make.

Viscosity Breakdown comparison

Signature Series Fights Viscosity Breakdown

AMSOIL fights viscosity breakdown better than the competition*, providing superior protection of pistons, cams and bearings.

*Based upon independent testing of Mobil 1 Annual Protection Full Synthetic 5W-30, Schaeffer’s Supreme 9000 5W-30, Lucas Synthetic 5W-30, Valvoline Conventional Daily Protection 5W-30, Pennzoil 5W-30 and AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 in the Kurt Orbahn test. Oils purchased on 05/03/18.

Industry Standard Test

Signature Series Fights Wear

75% more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear.*

*Based on independent testing of AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20, in ASTM D6891 as required by the API SN specification.

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