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Off Road Harvesting and Forestry Equipment

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil for Agriculture

Owners don’t have to sacrifice hydraulic performance for biodegradable mandates. Some hydraulic equipment use requires use of highly biodegradable hydraulic oil due to government regulations or environmental concerns. Owners have the choice of vegetable-based biodegradable oils or AMSOIL synthetic biodegradable hydraulic oil. ISO 46 (BHO) is readily biodegradable with the ability of greater than 60% biodegrade quickly and completely within in 28 days, the fastest and highest level of biodegradation.

  • Pw1 Ultimate Biodegradability (ASTM D5864)
  • OECD 301B Readily Biodegradable
  • Vessel General Permit (VGM) Compliant
  • EN 16807: European Standard

AMSOIL (BHO) helps reduce environmental harm in the event of leaks or minor spills without sacrificing hydraulic performance. The ideal balance of exceptional biodegradability and wear protection for mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment.

  • Resists oxidation for long oil life
  • Guards against wear
  • Helps reduce harm to the environment

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High Quality Hydraulic Oil For Agriculture

Biodegradable Hydraulic
ISO 46 (BHO)

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Tractor Hydraulic/ Transmission
SAE 5W-30  (ATH)

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Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 22 (AWG)

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Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 (AWH)

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Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 (AWI)

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Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic ISO 22 (HVG)

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Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic ISO 32 (HVH)

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Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic ISO 46 (HVI)

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Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic ISO 68 (HVJ)

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More High Quality Synthetic Lubricants for Agriculture

Equipment Service Lubricants

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are formulated to increase equipment life while reducing the cost of ownership. For operators that need their equipment to last for generations choose AMSOIL for proven performance in agriculture machinery. Day to day maintenance of oil changes and filter elements including oil analysis sampling, can be performed with the assistance of AMSOIL Technical for your heavy equipment. As a registered agriculture/ commercial account, owners have access to AMSOIL’s technical for specialized lubricant advice and help understanding oil analysis reports.

It takes time and energy to manage your farm or ranch, let AMSOIL be your lubricant expert. Increase equipment life and reduce its downtime and save money spent on needles repairs by implementing a maintenance program centered on AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.

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