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Commercial Account

Mechanics See The Difference

When it comes to quality, mechanics see the difference when they use quality products only found with the AMSOIL brand. They see fewer breakdowns caused by poor quality lubricants and they spend less on needless repairs. It is far more expensive to replace engines and transmission than it is to use a quality lubricant in the first place.

Mechanics who use AMSOIL have more time for preventative maintenance and spend less time on mechanical failure and routine oil changes. The quality of AMSOIL has proven to be a major advantage to keep their engines and equipment running at peak performance and staying in service longer with fewer mechanical problems.

Lubricants for Commercial Use

Commercial accounts have access to a full line of synthetic lubricants and other high quality service products made by AMSOIL INC. Fully synthetic lubricants for engines, transmissions, hydraulics and oil filtration for the lowest ISO standards. Products specialized for heavy-duty commercial use to keep engines and equipment running a peak performance and stay in service longer. Whether you have one vehicle in service or more than 100, AMSOIL can save you money and keep your vehicles and equipment working as hard as you do.

AMSOIL customers quickly realize that the deficiencies they accepted as standard with their previous lubricant regimes have been needlessly chewing up time and profits.

Verify Your Commercial Business

Start ordering AMSOIL for commercial use begins with a business verification process. Our confidential product pricing is only available to commercial businesses who submit company profile information.

Business profile information we ask for:

  • Business name & address
  • Shipping address
  • Phone & email
  • Business public listing (i.e. website or public directory)
  • Type of commercial business
  • Owner’s name, and if applicable other persons involved in purchasing (i.e. accounts payable, managers)
  • Type of vehicles and equipment used in day-today operation

With this business information in place your business is ready to order AMSOIL products with commercial pricing. Commercial customers also receive additional discounts of 5 -10% automatically applied to future orders. These discounts are based on the total cumulative orders during the current calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) locked in for the remainder of the year and the following year. Orders ship free delivery with a *minimum order value of $450 (CAD) or $350 (USA) before taxes. Order less than *MOV, flat rate shipping of 13.99 (CAD) or 11.99 (USD)

Get in Touch to learn more about the commercial program.

Verify your commercial business information

Types of Commercial Business

Large product line of quality lubricants for your business

AMSOIL For Any Engine

Customers quickly realize that the deficiencies they accepted as standard with their previous lubricant regimes have been needlessly chewing up time and profits.

How can we help you today?

Gasoline Engines (fleet vehicles)

Customer question: “Our fleet vehicles are used for Security Patrol. Vehicle engines run 22 out of 24 hours a days, most of the time idling to run the heater or the A/C. We are not sure if we should track engine hours or mileage to determine our oil change service. We want to extend our oil change service. How can AMSOIL help?”

  • Current products & service: Castrol motor oil and OEM spec oil filter, oil service every 5,000 kms
  • Current oil change tracked with hours and/or kilometer odometer reading

Dealer recommendation: Switch to AMSOIL Signature Series and use AMSOIL EaO absolute efficient oil filter. Take an oil sample at mileage intervals at 15,000 kms and then 25,000 kms.

The process:

  • Both oil samples proved that AMSOIL was good for continued service until the next service interval
  • At 25,000 kms the customer chose to change both the engine oil and oil filter, even though our last oil analysis showed no reason to do so. The customer saw 5X’s the previous oil change service interval and was happy with these results.

Note: The AMSOIL signature series 5W-20 and EaO engine filter are both warrantied by AMSOIL INC. for 40,000 kms. or one year when used in gasoline engines.

Overall Results/ Customer Satisfaction:

AMSOIL proved to extend the customer’s oil change service, and also answered the question that the oil change service can be tracked by odometer reading alone. Additionally, AMSOIL reduced the overall cost of material for oil change service by 38% and freed up more time for staff to perform other proactive maintenance.

Diesel Engines (long haul)

Customer question: “We use the Dodge 3500/ 6.7 L Turbo diesel trucks for long hauling. Our trucks travel 2,400 – 3,600 miles per week traveling nine to ten months of the year. We are currently changing our engine oil every month. We want to extend our engine oil service to keep our trucks on the road longer to avoid servicing during long hauls. An oil change every month is too much to manage when the trucks are loaded. If possible, we need to keep within the budget spending no more than we currently budget for oil change service. How can AMSOIL help?”

  • Customer’s current products & service: Dodge OEM brand motor oil and engine oil filter, oil service every 7,000 miles.
  • Oil change tracked with odometer reading in “miles”.

Dealer recommendation: Switch to AMSOIL Signature Series Diesel synthetic motor oil and use AMSOIL EaO absolute efficient engine oil filter. Take an oil sample test at mileage intervals of 7,500 miles, then again at 15,000 miles and finally at 22,500 miles.

The process:

  • All three of the oil sample tests showed that the engine oil was good for continued use until the next interval of 7,500 miles.
  • The customer chose to replace both motor oil and oil filter at 22,500 miles. The final oil sample test showed no reason to change the motor oil, however the AMSOIL engine oil filter EaO80 was close to its service life of 24,000 miles.

Overall Results/ Customer Satisfaction:

AMSOIL proved a three times (3X’s) longer drain interval for these turbo diesel engines to the customer’s satisfaction by keeping the trucks on the road working and spending less time for routine oil change service. The customer was very pleased with the results and further decided to change the transmission fluid to for its longer service life and better protection. AMSOIL reduced the customer’s cost for oil service by over 50%.

For independent commercial business owners who make large orders

Lower The Cost of AMSOIL With A Dealer Account

Upgrade to a Dealer account at any time and participate in the AMSOIL Commission Plan. For independent business owners that see the potential of using AMSOIL for all their fleet lubricants can benefit by upgrading to a Dealer account.

Dealers earn a commission based on the total monthly volume of products purchased. Independent business owners who purchase large amounts of lubricants can take advantage of commission earnings and take advantage of additional Dealer pricing discounts. This may not work for everyone, but for those who understand how commission plan works, they see bigger bottom line savings making AMSOIL that much more beneficial to use in their business.

Participate in the Compensation Plan

Each product is assigned a commission value which earns a compensation based on total product volume for the month. When you purchase AMSOIL as a Dealer the commission structure is in your favour. Dealers who make large single orders benefit from both the commission plan and additional Dealer discounts. These two combined can make a big difference in the bottom line. Business owners who are able to become a Dealer also find that AMSOIL can become the primary brand name lubricant in their shop.

If you would like to know if the AMSOIL Dealer account can benefit your business, then Get in Touch to learn the difference between the commercial account and the Dealer account.

AMSOIL is now the primary brand name in their shop because they take advantage of the Dealership

What is the difference between an AMSOIL Dealership Account and the Commercial Account?

Commercial Account AMSOIL Dealer
Confidential Pricing Yes Yes
AMSOIL Technical Services Yes Yes
Free shipping with *MOV $350 USD/ $450 CAD Yes  Yes
Discounts Up to 10% (based on cumulative 12 months) Yes No
Discounts Up to 10% (based in Single order only) No Yes
Account Renewal Fees No Yes
Participate in the AMSOIL Compensation Plan No Yes

*minimum order value

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