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Customer Rewards Program

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Loyalty and AMSOIL® Preferred Customer Program

AMSOIL Preferred Customer

Our customers choose AMSOIL oil because of its consistent quality, measurable results and because switching to AMSOIL has proven to have a noticeable difference in their vehicles.

The first time you try AMSOIL and see the difference yourself, you will explore other products in our brand line. For repeat customers like you AMSOIL has developed a loyalty Rewards for Preferred Customer.

Preferred Customer members save up to 25% off the regular price, receive special offers by email, collect Preferred Customer Points (PC Points) and more.

Earn PC Points towards your next purchase with AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program

  • Each $1 spent earns 1 PC point.
  • 50PC points = $1.00 or equal 2% back on every purchase.

Customer Rewards Program

If you plan on buying AMSOIL products again, I personally recommend the Preferred Customer Program for its immediate savings and to collect PC points for your next order.  Add the membership to your cart to see the savings immediately before completing your order.

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Preferred Customers

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last update October 06th, 2021

Best pricing for repeat customers and rewards from every purchase

Preferred Customer Membership Benefits

Customer Reduced Pricing


Preferred Customers buy all AMSOIL products at wholesale prices with savings of up to 25%. With AMSOIL’s extensive line of products, you can buy synthetic lubricants for all your vehicles and equipment at significantly lower cost.

Customer Special Offers


Preferred Customers receive exclusive product promotions for more savings.

Preferred Customer Collect P.C. Points


Earn 1 PC point for every $1 spent. With 50 points earned, you can redeem $1 off any future order. Your PC points do not expire, and you accumulate additional points with every order. Points can also be used to renew your membership.

Customer Free Shipping


Preferred Customers receive free shipping with orders of $100 USD/ $130 CAD.

Free Gear


Each month, AMSOIL randomly selects Preferred Customers to receive free hats, shirts or other gear when they place an order.

Earn Referral Rewards


Preferred Customers earn 500 points for referring new Preferred Customers to AMSOIL. You will receive 500 bonus points ($10 value) when the new customer makes a qualifying purchase.


Add a six-month or one-year Preferred Customer membership to your cart and save up to 25 percent on today’s order.

Choose half year or full year membership

Preferred Customer Registration

When you register as a Preferred Customer you can buy products at approximately 25 percent less than suggested retail. Start with a 6-month trial membership for as little as $10. You will find in most cases your savings far exceed membership fees.

  • *Half year Preferred Customer membership $15 ($10 United States)
  • Full year Preferred Customer membership $30 ($20 United States)

*The Six-month trial membership can only be purchased by first time customers. After the 6-month trial period expires members can renew at the full year duration. Automatic membership renewals receive $5 off annual cost and memberships can be renewed indefinitely.

When Should the PC Membership be Upgrading to be an AMSOIL DEALER?

If you are buying products just for yourself and family for personal use, becoming a Preferred Customer is likely your best option. If you are looking to generate income by selling products to others, such as retail outlets or commercial accounts, then becoming a dealer may make sense.

Look at the chart below to see the major differences. If you are not sure and would like to discuss your options, I invite you to a 30 minute meeting to discover the AMSOIL Dealer Program

Preferred Customer AMSOIL Dealer
Buy AMSOIL products at P.C pricing Yes Yes
Buy AMSOIL products at higher discounts than P.C pricing Yes Yes
Free shipping *MOV $130 CAD | $100 USD Yes Yes
Free shipping *MOV $450 CAD | $350 USD Yes Yes
AMSOIL Technical Services Yes Yes
PC Rewards Points (points never expire) Yes Yes
Participate in the AMSOIL Compensation Plan Yes Yes
Membership renewal fees Yes Yes

*MOV (minimum order value)

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