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Car & Truck Motor Oils

In the past, an oil change service was fairly simple, drive 3,000 miles/ 5,000 kms and find an oil change centre or do it yourself. Not only have these common oil change intervals gone by the way-side, but so have the oils from previous years. Motor oil today cost more due to the increased additives needed to promote better fuel economy and longer drain intervals, and more importantly meet the specifications of modern engine technology. Additives are expensive and most oil blending companies use the minimum amount of the least expensive additives required to meet SAE/API requirements. Fleet managers, auto service owners and motorist alike see no real difference with modern day oils in fact seeing them on par with conventions oil… for the most part, they are right.

Current oil standards are simply that… a standard which do not focus on quality or consumer value. While there are dozens of branded oils in the market, not all are the same quality. When you start right, you can end right. AMSOIL starts with the best-of-class, highest-quality base stocks and additives, and over 45 years of pioneering knowledge to formulate the exact perfect recipe. The end result is a synthetic motor oil that far exceeds SAE/API standards in quality. Customer recognition from fleet managers, service centre owners, commercial contractors and private motorist gives credibility to AMSOIL’s claim that quality holds better value than lower price alone.

Independent service centres find their customers have more to say about AMSOIL than any other brand. Customers claim better fuel economy, quieter running engines and the extended drain intervals worth the extra cost compared to conventional and other synthetic branded oils.
Fleet managers and contractors find higher quality oils contribute to reducing operating cost, and more reliable vehicles and equipment that stay on the road or on the job site longer between maintenance intervals.
Automotive enthusiasts and individuals that love their cars and truck, find AMSOIL and trusted synthetic oil for quality worth the extra cost.
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