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Consumers have the freedom to choose other than OEM branded lubricants without fear of voiding the original limited or implied warranty. Amsoil synthetic lubricants and performance products are tough, reliable, long lasting, and save you time and money with the peace of mind that your vehicles/ equipment will last longer. About Warranty Secure


Modern snowmobiles are manufactured to meet new government standards to run leaner with less emissions. This inadvertently has caused engines to run hotter placing new demands on free flowing injector oils in cold winter temperatures, and leaner means that less oil has to do the same job of lubricating the internal engine parts. Amsoil synthetic 2-stroke injector oil remains fluid on the coldest winter days and providing superior lubricity to internal engine parts with less oil from startup to wide open throttle.

Power exhaust power valves: engineered to increase usable power over a wider RPM band; better power at start (low RPM) and more power at higher RPM.
However, the main issue with power exhaust valves is sticking… and/ or complete failure to operate. Why do they stick… because of the valve’s location in the exhaust stream of the engine. Any unburnt fuel oil mixture after combustion creates carbon deposits that build up over time on the power exhaust valve. If the valve sticks closed, the engine will not have top speed, and the engine will run extremely hot potentially causing further a very costly repairs. If it sticks open… the low speed of the engine will be real bad, when the rider throttles to take off… the machine just won’t do it.

For many sled enthusiast maintaining their machine is just as satisfying as riding them. And, working in a heated garage with all your tools at hand is far better than freezing at the side of a trail trying to fix a problem. More riders are choosing Amsoil synthetic snowmobile products to service their machines to ensure easier cold temperature engine starts, less smoke and exhaust odor and the peace of mind that their machines will withstand wide-open throttle riding all day long.

Known issues with power exhaust vales

  • Failure to operate by sticking open or closed
  • AMSOIL prevents power valve failure, keeping your machine running safely on the trail.

AMSOIL Interceptor Cold-Weather Protection

In cold weather snowmobile oil must perform at startup and running at wide-open throttle… modern engine design needs oil to more quickly at startup and while running. Amsoil will get to the critical parts of the engine faster, less wear, better performance and more fun on the trail for you.

Comparison -40 (˚F) for 12 hours. Amsoil Interceptor compared to: Ski-Doo XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil; Artic Cat 2-Cycle Synthetic C-TEC2; Polaris VES Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

Synthetic 2-Stroke Snowmobile oils

Prevents piston scuffing. Fights exhaust power valve deposits. Outstanding cold-flow . Less smoke & exhaust odor
Easy start. Low smoke & exhaust odor. Excellent wear protection
Maximizes power. Burns cleanly. Outstanding piston & bearing protection

Synthetic 4-Stroke Snowmobile Oil

Easy cold-weather starts. Quick startup protection. Helps prevent carbon/varnish formation

Gear Oil & Grease

Helps extend gear and chain life. Maximizes power to the ground
Resists water washout. Fights corrosion


For quick rebounds under extreme temperatures. Maximum stability and performance. Reduces wear and scuffing.
For more dampening and slower rebounds. Maximum stability and performance. Reduces wear and scuffing.

Fuel Additives and Carburetor Cleaner

Increases octane up to 4 numbers. Improves startup performance. Designed to increase power
Cleans fuel systems. Addresses ethanol-related performance issues. Stabilizes fuel.
Helps keep fuel from deteriorating. Protects against varnish and gum buildup. Helps keep engines running at peak performance.
Cleans combustion intake systems. Maximizes horsepower. Restores start-ability.

Spray Lubricants and Cleaners

Disperses water. Protects metal surfaces. Penetrates existing rust build-up
Contains additives that specifically protect against corrosion. Displaces water and seals equipment from water intrusion. Leaves a dry, long-lasting (up to several years), wax-like amber film
Loosens grease & grime. Fast-acting. Leaves a clean scent
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