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Grease may seem simple enough, the truth is… proper greasing requires a little caution with regards to “thickener compatibility” and planning applications (frequency) to perform well and last as long as possible. When the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) provide grease specifications, the choices are simple, while other applications are very unique by design and the function of the grease itself.

Grease is a semi-solid lubricant with unique properties that differentiate it from typical oil lubricants. Preferred over oil in certain applications, grease continually clings to and lubricates moving parts despite gravity, centrifugal force and extreme pressure.


The comparison of grease, one brand to another focuses on, published data; the key properties and test standards related to your application. NLGI grade and thickener type are important for application suitability and compatibility issues. ASTM test data provide results related to the grease’s ability to protect in hot and cold conditions, provide adequate load and wear protection and protect from corrosion, water washout, oil separation, suitable for food service and pharmaceuticals equipment.

When comparing grease data information, consider what is the most important about your application. It’s not important that one grease outperforms another in every test parameter, but it is important that it outperforms in the test areas of greatest importance in a particular application. For example, an application that carries heavy loads and may experience some shock loading, the “Timken OK load”, “Four-ball Wear” and “Four-ball EP” results are higher than other brands for better cost/ value and overall maintenance results.

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Research/Choosing the right Grease

Sometimes there are no industry-standards guidelines to follow. The more you know about the application, its operating environment and the speed and loads it’s likely to experience, the better off you will be. The myth, “we don’t have a problem, so why change to a different grease?” Truth is, sometimes grease related issues are masked by maintenance practices; such as over-greasing with sub-standard lubricant properties.

Better questions lead to better results for non-standard grease applications.

  • What is the application? (Rotating bearing, pivot bushing, two pieces sliding together, etc.)
  • What environment is it in? (Inside/outside, wet, dry, hot, cold, dusty, etc.)
  • What speeds? (High speed (>10,000rpm), low speed (<10,000rpm), non-rotating)
  • What loads? (Heavy, light, impact)
  • What does the equipment manufacturer recommend? (NLGI grades, thickener systems, non-tacky, specifications)
  • Do you have any problems with the grease you use today?
  • Do you have a grease incompatibility issue?

After choosing the right grease from your research or an OEM grease specification, a comparison is simply which brand offers the better/best ASTM results specific to your grease application.

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Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease, NLGI #1

Product Code: GPOR1CR-EA

Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease, NLGI #2

Product Code: GPOR2CR-EA

Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, NLGI #1

Product Code: GPTR1CR-EA

Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, NLGI #2

Product Code: GPTR2CR-EA

Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2

Product Code: GLCCR-EA

Synthetic Water Resistant Grease

Product Code: GWRCR-EA

Arctic Synthetic Grease

Product Code: GECCR-EA

High-Viscosity Lithium-Complex Synthetic Grease

Product Code: GVCCR-EA

DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease

Product Code: GRGCR-EA

X-Treme Synthetic Food Grade Grease

Product Code: GXCCR-EA

Synthetic Fifth-Wheel Grease

Product Code: FWGTB-EA

Spray Grease

Product Code: GSPSC-EA


Semi-Fluid 00 Synthetic EP Grease

Product Code: GSF35-EA


AMSOIL Deluxe Grease Gun Kit

Product Code: GLCGN-EA
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