Thinking about offering AMSOIL to your customers?

May 4, 2021


Customer immediately associate quality with the AMSOIL brand

AMSOIL has amazing endorsements from customers and mechanics. I am an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer working with shops like yours. Customer immediately associate quality with the AMSOIL brand. Mechanics often tell me about its excellent performance and why they love it.

I have talked with hundreds of business owners. The biggest misunderstanding I hear is about who can buy AMSOIL at wholesale and the price.

  1. First, our wholesale pricing is only for actual business locations, a business with a physical location where you meet with your customers.
  2. Second, resellers benefit from a profitable markup of 40-50%.

AMSOIL wholesale pricing is only available to verified businesses. When you see another business offering our products, you can be sure the wholesale pricing structure is same for everyone.

How to Get Started

AMSOIL verifies every retail account as a legitimate business. Business information includes:

  • Business name/ Address
  • Phone and email
  • Business public listing (i.e. website or public directory)
  • Type of business: Vehicle Service, Retail only, Powersports
  • Owner’s name, and if applicable other persons involved in purchasing (i.e. accounts payable, manager)
  • Other branded products sold as part of business activity

With this business information in place, your business is ready to order AMSOIL synthetic lubricants at wholesale pricing.

Start your Retail account with AMSOIL today

  • Account verification 1-2 business days
  • Access to Retail wholesale pricing
  • Additional discounts available
  • No charge delivery with minimum orders of $450 CAD / $350 USD

Position you Shop as a Recognized Leader in Synthetics

Whether you are looking for products that support your standards for quality and reinforce your professional reputation, bring in new customers or help grow your bottom line, AMSOIL can help.

Synthetics’ share of the North American lubricants market is growing. Consumers now generally accept that synthetics are better than conventional oils. In addition, statistics show that people keep their vehicles longer than they used to. Consumers want to put off the expense of a new vehicle for as long as possible, and synthetic lubricants can help them extend the life of their equipment.

Between working with customers and managing your shop, it takes a lot of time and effort to run a successful business. AMSOIL provides the tools you need to make selling AMSOIL products easy and profitable while making your business more visible in the marketplace. AMSOIL helps you stay on the forefront of automotive technology with specialty viscosities and formulations that provide exceptional wear protection, peak performance and the widest variety of full synthetic products that keep existing customers coming back and new customers coming in.

Your customers know they can expect the very best from you – the best customer service, the best vehicle care and the best products that get them the best performance. Your reputation is the cornerstone from which your success is built. AMSOIL products help protect your reputation while keeping your business profitable.

For a personal conversation about AMSOIL in your shop, contact me for a one-on-one conversation.

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