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Long Life Engine Filter

Some vehicle owners may question whether superior filtration is worth the additional price. Consider that 60 to 80 percent of engine wear is directly contributed to the presence of abrasive particles within the lubricant. Superior filtration can eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, the concentration of these wear particles. Bette engine oil filtration can eliminate the majority of engine wear. Over time, engine wear directly relates to performance power, fuel economy and significantly reduce engine life.

Typical standard cellulose engine oil filters remove particles 20 microns and larger. Contaminants such as dirt, combustion soot and particles that enter the engine through the combustion process known to cause significant damage over time. Should the oil become too contaminated the filter can no longer perform its task of holding filtered particles, instead these particle return to the oil circulation. Superior filtration ensures better holding capacity and effective particle filtration know as efficiency.  the oil will continually be able to perform its necessary tasks.  AMSOIL Ea oil filters are made with a synthetic media which has a greater efficiency, which is not typical of standard cellulose filters.

The AMSOIL Synthetic filter media provide more capacity than standard cellulose filters. AMSOIL Ea filters remain in service 15,000 miles -to- 25,000 miles (24,000 kms and up to 40,000 kms).

  • Provides filtering efficiency of 99 percent at 20 microns1
  • Allows lower restriction, keeping engine parts lubricated
  • Provides greater capacity for small, wear-causing contaminants than competing filters
  • Helps reduce engine wear
  • Offers extended service life

1In accordance with industry-standard ISO SO 4548-12.

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