Promo Code Bar and Chain Oil

October 28, 2021

PC Promo Bar and Chain Oil

Preferred Customer Promo Code: CC1121BC

For a limited time AMSOIL is offering one quart of Bar & Chain Oil (ABC) when Canadian customers spend $75. This offer is for Preferred Customers only. 

What is AMSOIL Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil?

*Exclusions apply. Not available for Independent Dealers, commercial or retail accounts.


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The AMSOIL brand offers a full line of oils and lubricants for mechanical maintenance. When your work includes keeping multiple pieces of equipment or vehicles running smoothly, mechanics choose products for the best protection and the longest service life.

Preferred Customers purchase products at wholesale cost, which is approximately 25 percent less than suggested retail. Six-month trial membership can only be purchased once; after the trial membership, Preferred Customers need to renew on an annual basis to maintain Preferred Customer status.



Exclusions/Terms & Conditions:


  • Must be a registered Catalog or Preferred Customer (P.C.) to redeem offer.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Limit to (1) Free Quart/946ml Bottle of Bar and Chain Oil per customer account.
  • While supplies last. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • Minimum $75 order threshold must be met through product purchases.
  • P.C. Membership does count toward minimum order threshold.
  • Shipping charges and taxes do not count toward minimum order threshold.
  • Expedited air shipments do not qualify for this offer. Entire order must be ground shipped.
  • Canadian interline fees still apply.
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