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Where can you find AMSOIL® products?

We aren’t hard to find, and our name makes us pretty easy to recognize. You can buy AMSOIL products from big stores like Canadian Tire® or NAPA®. Additionally, our locator map can help you find AMSOIL products in a nearby auto service centre, auto parts store, or other independently owned businesses.

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You can find AMSOIL products, an authorized Dealer or an auto service professional in your area.

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The official application guides for oil capacity and comprehensive information specific to your vehicle.

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Exclusive Dealers and Installers Locator Map

People all too often ask, “Why isn’t AMSOIL sold in every shop that sells lubricants?” and “Where can I find AMSOIL products?” AMSOIL oils are specialized products, so their full range of products can only be found with independent Dealers, regional stores, automotive service centers, and independent shops that offer other specialized items and services. Our installer partners offer the AMSOIL® brand as part of their specialized automotive maintenance packages. Are we a little exclusive? Yeah, we are. And with quality this good, there’s a reason to be set apart.

Official AMSOIL Locator Map

Find an AMSOIL Dealers and Service Professional in your area.

Official AMSOIL Locator Map
Official AMSOIL® Locator Map
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Still can’t find the AMSOIL Products you need?

We ship to our customers directly.

The USA or Canadian AMSOIL website lets you purchase products directly from the factory. You can browse their online catalogue, find the AMSOIL products you need for your oil change, and place an order.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, most auto service centers welcome customers to bring their own lubricants and filters, charging only a flat labour fee.

Can I place an order by phone?

Yes, Placing an order with AMSOIL over the phone is easy. Call our Customer Service line, and they’ll gladly help.
1-800-956-5695 *

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Specialized Service

Locate a Dealer or Service Profesional

An AMSOIL Dealer or an auto service shop can help you find the results* AMSOIL customers confer in our product reviews. Independent business owners specializing in craft know which AMSOIL products to install in their vehicles. They know the “good, better, and best” of automotive replacement parts, and that includes the best AMSOIL products for your vehicle. We aren’t knocking white-box parts, but don’t you deserve better?

*Results AMSOIL customers are talking about:
Customer reviews for AMSOIL Signature Series 

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Discover the preferred choice of discerning customers across Canada and the United States – AMSOIL.

Join the league of automotive service centers and parts stores offering unparalleled quality with our synthetic oil products.

Experience the benefits of AMSOIL through the countless positive stories shared by satisfied customers. Raise the bar for your service standards by offering AMSOIL. Opt for the best in automotive service –  marketing synthetic oil change solutions.

Automotive Marketing for Synthetic Oil Change Customers.

Locate the AMSOIL products you need and keep track of your vehicle’s oil change history in one place.


With so many different options of oils and viscosities grades available for your vehicle, which do you choose? MyAMSOILGarage helps you by returning only the products applicable to your vehicle.

MyAMSOILGarage shows only the recommended products that match your vehicle year/ make/ model and engine type. All product recommendations are guarantied when using MyAMSOILGarage.

Buy the right oil viscosity and filters for your engine.

With so many different options of oils and viscosities grades available for your vehicle, which do you choose? MyAMSOILGarage helps you by returning only the products applicable to your vehicle.

MyAMSOILGarage shows only the recommended products that match your vehicle year, make, model, and engine type. All product recommendations are guaranteed when using MyAMSOILGarage. Do you get that same promise from the big box stores?


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What is the AMSOIL® brand synthetic oil?

You are buying peace of mind with every oil change.

Most synthetic oils in the marketplace today are formulated with low-grade refined petroleum-based oil. These base oils bring with them the inherent problems of shear stability. When a lubricant is subjected to extreme pressure and load, the oil’s viscosity breaks or shears back and becomes thinner. Thinner oil is more vulnerable to extreme pressure and load. This, combined with heat and contaminants, most commonly fuel dilution or water, reduces the oil’s lubricating properties and overall service life. Do you want to take that chance with your engine?

AMSOIL blends synthetic base oils renowned for their shear stability, offering a base oil P.S.I. shear strength several times greater than that of lower-grade refined petroleum oils and lubricants. This, combined with an advanced oil additive package, makes our synthetic lubricants stand out as superior. These synthetic lubricants maintain their shear strength over extended periods, even in high temperatures, and swiftly demulsify from contaminants like fuel and water. AMSOIL’s cutting-edge base oil technology and chemically synthesized additives ensure unmatched performance, protection, and extended drain intervals across all applications.

40 Years Beyond Conventional

AMSOIL does not formulate products down to a price. AMSOIL makes products the best they can be. It’s the AMSOIL reputation, and our customers expect it!

You can Expect AMSOIL’s proprietary synthetic base oil technology and advanced additives in EVERY product.

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