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Where can you find AMSOIL® products?

Where can you find AMSOIL products? Some of our products can be found at national chain stores like Canadian Tire® or NAPA®. You can also find AMSOIL products with our locator map for business in your area like auto service centres, auto parts stores and other independently owned businesses.

Locator Map: Find an AMSOIL Service Professional Near You

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Which oil viscosity is right for your engine?

Oil Lookup GuideReady to make an order? Start with the AMSOIL vehicle Lookup to select the right oil viscosity, oil filters and other great products that match your search. Then enter your shipping destination to complete your order.

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Did you know?

Did you know AMSOIL ships orders directly to your home address?

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AMSOIL is only a phone call away… you can reach our Customer Service line to place an order.
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*AMSOIL products are sold through a network of Independent Dealers who earn a small commission from customer sales.

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What is an AMSOIL Dealership?

Exclusive distribution of AMSOIL

Why is AMSOIL not sold at every location where lubricants are sold? Our products are specialized lubricants. Our full product line is exclusively available at regional stores, automotive service centres and independently owned businesses that offer other specialized products and after-sales service. These businesses offer the AMSOIL® brand as part of their specialized client service.

Locator Map: Find an AMSOIL Service Professional Near You

Locator map
AMSOIL Locator Map
Specialized Service

Independent auto service professionals sell AMSOIL®

An auto service shop can help you find the results AMSOIL customers are talking about. Independent business owners who specialize in their craft know which AMSOIL products to install in your vehicle. They know the “good, better and best” of automotive replacement parts and the best 100% synthetic lubricants for your vehicle.

AMSOIL Sold HereAMSOIL can be found at hundreds of automotive service centers and part stores. Why?, because customers are asking for the best synthetic oil. Auto service centers hear their customer’s testimony how AMSOIL has given them better mileage, quieter running engines, smoother shifting transmissions, or that they like the extended engine oil and transmission fluid service interval.

For the best quality in auto service, customers are choosing AMSOIL.

Thinking about selling AMSOIL® to your customers? Find out how to get started.

Why MyAMSOILGarage?

Find the right oil viscosity and filters for your engine

With so many different options of oils and viscosities grades available for your vehicle, which do you choose? MyAMSOILGarage helps you by returning only the products applicable to your vehicle.

MyAMSOILGarage shows only the recommended products that match your vehicle year/ make/ model and engine type. All product recommendations are guarantied when using MyAMSOILGarage.

Get started with MyAMSOILGarage

  • Save your search results
  • View only oil viscosities and filters that match your vehicle
  • Record your vehicle maintenance history
  • Enter multiple vehicles or equipment
  • Receive your own email reminders for the next service item
  • Export your service records into Excel (CSV)

You are buying peace of mind

What is the AMSOIL® brand synthetic oil?

Most synthetic oils in the marketplace today are formulated with refined petroleum base oil. These base oils bring with them the inherent problems of shear stability. When a lubricant is subjected to extreme pressure and load, the oil’s viscosity breaks or shears back and becomes thinner. Thinner oil is more vulnerable to extreme pressure and load. This combines with heat and contaminants; most commonly fuel dilution or water, reduces the oil’s lubricating properties and overall service life.

AMSOIL’s synthetic base oils are shear stable providing P.S.I. shear strength several times greater than refined petroleum oils and lubricants.  This combined with an advanced additive package makes AMSOIL’s synthetic lubricants far more superior. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants maintain their shear strength far longer, in temperatures much higher and demulsify from contaminants such as fuel and water much faster. AMSOIL’s base oil technology and chemically synthesised additives remain the unsurpassed technology for extended drain intervals, maximum performance and protection in every application.

40 Years Beyond Conventional

AMSOIL does not formulate products down to a price, AMSOIL makes products the best they can be. It’s the AMSOIL reputation and our customers expect it!

You can Expect AMSOIL’s proprietary synthetic base oil technology and advanced additive package in EVERY product.

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