Synthetic Oil Vs. Conventional

Conventional oil is laden with natural impurities and irregularities, impurities that reduce efficiency and place a limit on performance. Synthetic oil is pure, free from these natural limits that regular oil faces. They have a uniform molecular structure that impart properties that provide wear protection, extreme-temperature performance, and fuel efficiency that conventional lubricants just can’t touch.

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The Synthetic Oil Advantage

We are heavily invested in product research and testing; remaining at the forefront of the industry is the company’s first priority. All of the money and time AMSOIL spends in labs and on test tracks is for one purpose: to guarantee every motor that uses our synthetic oil has the cutting-edge synthetic technology it needs to operate at maximum efficiency.

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Why we are the number one selling synthetic oil? See published test results for our products sorted by categories like grease, injector cleaner and more.

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Learn more about AMSOIL products, the basics of lubrication, and the benefits AMSOIL products provide you. Our experts have broken down the science behind high quality lubricants, what separates them from conventional oils, and the benefits AMSOIL brings. Whether you’re looking learn more about the basics of lubrications, or the importance of lubricant viscosity, we have the information you need to know.

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