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Automotive Marketing for Synthetic Oil Change Customers

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Drivers are keeping cars longer... and they don’t love the idea of a breakdown

Your customers don’t love the idea of a breakdown or an engine rebuild. Nor do they want the cost or frustration. And wouldn’t you prefer to keep your shop humming with routine auto services for happy car owners? Now is as good a time as any to become an AMSOIL retailer.

The average age of cars on the road today has stretched to more than 13.5 years. What does that mean for you? Rather than replace their cars, owners are more intentional than ever at keeping them in top shape. And lab tests prove that AMSOIL offers the best protection against wear and thermal breakdown than other leading lubricants.

All you need to do is provide the opportunity, the product, and an auto mechanic to do the job for them. Your customers will love you offering the best synthetic oil change on the market – bar none.

Automotive Marketing for Oil Change Customers

Promote your [shop name] Auto Service oil change with the AMSOIL® brand synthetic oil.

Fill out our online form for easy business account setup and ongoing AMSOIL service. Give your automotive marketing a boost with AMSOIL’s reputation for high-quality engine and transmission oils to serve your customers.

Marketing Auto Repair Shop

As the popularity of AMSOIL’s synthetic oil increases, your shop has the potential to grow its customer base and expand its share of the market. By providing an oil change that goes above and beyond customer expectations–offering something that they can feel or notice–you can set yourself apart from competitors and better serve your customers.

Automotive Marketing-Promotion Ideas

Provide potential customers with in-store marketing material to introduce them to AMSOIL. Some customers may already be considering switching to AMSOIL, so make sure they know they can turn to you for their auto service needs.

Retailers who implement our in-store branding solutions have observed a rise in sales. Merchandising displays are a powerful tool to create an emotional bond between the product and the customer, ultimately leading to increased sales for you.

Automotive Services Marketing

Automotive Marketing Strategy

Oil Changes – From Loss Leader to Profit Generator

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Whether someone’s looking for the cheapest oil change or the best full-synthetic oil change around, they’re using the same search phrase: “Where to get an oil change near me.” What distinguishes you from other mechanics, quick lube shops, and dealerships nearby? When price matters, avoid a race to the bottom. Base your automotive marketing strategy on quality, not the lowest price, and turn loss-leader oil changes into high-profit margin services using fluids and filters that make a difference. That’s where AMSOIL automotive marketing comes in.

Do your customers want an oil that protects against the oil consumption issues related to high mileage? Or are they more concerned about getting the most extended intervals between services? Or could they want to keep their new car’s engine operating like new until it’s time to replace the vehicle? No matter the scenario, an oil change is more than just checking the box on the maintenance schedule. They want the best for a reason, so why not give them the best?

We’ve got the goods you need from AMSOIL.

Get our new letters. Get to know us… what we do, what our customers say, and how we surpass our customer’s expectations when it comes to quality.

In Store Automotive Marketing

As the auto service manager, you don’t need to know marketing. What keeps your customers coming back, time and time again, is the excellent service and quality you provide. And when they leave Google Reviews, it’s the best free advertising your shop can get. When your customers love your AMSOIL oil and filter changes – and trust me, they will – your Google ratings will be all the proof you need.

Every auto service center knows oil changes are the gateway to higher-priced, higher-profit services. So when your new and current customers ask for an AMSOIL oil change, they’re asking you if they can invest in their car’s health with you. Domestic, import, high-performance, luxury – it doesn’t matter what they drive. Growing your customer base is even more straightforward when you show them you’re interested in giving them the best AMSOIL car and truck oil change service their money can buy.

Better oil changes deliver a better customer experience. Set your shop up for success with AMSOIL products, including engine oil and filters, fuel additives, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, diff fluids, and more, all engineered to be the best in the industry.


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Automotive marketing Product merchandising

Instore Merchandising Displays available to promote your service offerings.

Partner with AMSOIL reputation to boost your Automotive Marketing strategy.

Does AMSOIL have any marketing material for my shop?

Marketing Material

Yes, as an AMSOIL Dealer, I can provide various marketing materials and support for your shop. Here are some examples:


Brochures and Flyers

We offer professionally designed brochures and flyers showcasing our products’ features, benefits, and applications. These can be displayed in your shop or distributed to customers.


Point-of-Sale Displays

Our point-of-sale displays are eye-catching and informative, helping educate customers about the advantages of AMSOIL products. These displays can be strategically placed in your shop to attract attention and promote sales.


Promotional Materials

We offer various promotional materials such as banners, posters, and stickers branded with the AMSOIL logo and messaging. These materials help to create brand awareness and promote customer loyalty.


Training and Support

Our team provides comprehensive training and support to help you and your staff learn about our products and their benefits. We offer online resources, webinars, and in-person training sessions to ensure you have the information to promote and sell AMSOIL products effectively.


Customized Marketing Materials

We can also work with you to create customized marketing materials tailored to your shop’s specific needs and branding.


Contact Dale Cox, AMSOIL Dealer

Please let me know your specific requirements, and I will be happy to provide you with the necessary marketing materials and support to help grow your business with marketing.

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