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Business experience

I made a thoughtful transition from being an employee to embarking on a fulfilling solopreneur journey. I focus on marketing superior synthetic lubricants produced by AMSOIL INC., a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the automotive industry. My role allows me to collaborate closely with a diverse group of partners, including Dealers, auto service centers, and commercial fleet managers, offering them products and comprehensive solutions that enhance vehicle performance and longevity.

In this journey, I’ve found a deep sense of purpose in helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s providing Dealers with the tools for success, aiding service centers in delivering exceptional service, or assisting fleet managers in optimizing their operations. My commitment extends beyond sales; it’s about building relationships, understanding each client’s unique challenges, and offering tailored advice and support. I’m passionate about the positive impact that high-quality lubricants can have on vehicles and, by extension, on the businesses and individuals who rely on them.

As I continue to grow in this role, I constantly learn, adapt, and strive to offer the best solutions, drawing on AMSOIL’s cutting-edge technology. I’m excited about the future of synthetic oil (some still call it fake) and the marketing opportunities to further contribute to the success of those I work with.

why… Auto Service centers contact us.

AMSOIL Distribution Auto service owners are exploring different options to maximize their profits from oil change services, but so far, they have not been able to find the perfect solution or an ideal partner.

When mechanics examine their customers’ engines, they often find excessive sludge buildup and wear that shouldn’t be there. The source of the problem is usually the quality of the motor oil. To help avoid this, many mechanics are now looking for far better-quality full-synthetic oil.

why… Diesel Trucking and Fleet Service contact us.

AMSOIL Distribution Mechanics are attempting to find ways to prevent engine malfunction, clutch and transmission problems, and fuel protection/ cleaning solutions. They need to stay in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty but find that their current suppliers cannot provide improved solutions for a fair price.

  • Reduce oil consumption
  • Protect vital parts
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Overall cost
AMSOIL Distribution Superior USA.

cutting-edge solutions to the toughest problems

AMSOIL is renowned for creating synthetic lubricants that solve the toughest problems of vehicles and equipment. Our synthetic lubricants are known for providing exceptional performance in a variety of areas, from automotive and powersports to industrial, racing, and beyond. Our dedication to progress has resulted in a large, devoted base of customers.

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