Viscosity like Water and Honey
20 Sep

Water and honey flow differently – that’s viscosity.

Water and honey flow differently – that’s viscosity. The physical properties of lubricants include important characteristics like viscosity, shear stability, high- and low temperature performance, water resistance and volatility. Lubrication science seeks to optimize a lubricant’s performance by managing these properties through use of different base oils and additives. Of the fundamental physical properties, viscosity […]

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Telescoping Parts Wand
17 Sep

Promo FREE* Magnetic Parts Wand

Magnetic Parts Wand Promotion for P.C. Customers* FREE Magnetic Parts Wand with $100 purchase A free gift (Product) is added to the cart when the threshold order value is exceeded Offer valid Sept. 15 – 21, 2021   Enter Promo Code*: PC0921TW To receive advanced notification of special promo code offers, sign up to our […]

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Outboard Marine
26 Aug

More Throttle Response

Photo by zibik on Unsplash Boaters See Less Exhaust and More Throttle Response Direct fuel injection (DFI) run leaner oil mix ratios to improve combustion efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions to meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards. However, these leaner gas-to-oil ratios means less oil available to provide the necessary oil film strength on cylinder […]

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Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay
26 Aug

High RPM Marine Engine

High RPM Marine Engine Marine engine oil is constantly under load. AMSOIL manufactures high rpm marine engine oil for 4-cycle water cooled (*NMMA FC-W) engines. Our customers find better throttle response and overall engine performance. Jetski Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay… Thank you Herbert! … The typical marine engine will run about 5000 rpm […]

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04 May

Thinking about offering AMSOIL to your customers?

Customer immediately associate quality with the AMSOIL brand AMSOIL has amazing endorsements from customers and mechanics. I am an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer working with shops like yours. Customer immediately associate quality with the AMSOIL brand. Mechanics often tell me about its excellent performance and why they love it. I have talked with hundreds of business […]

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16 Apr

Snowblower Storage

Best practice for small engine storage Spring 2021, time to put away the snowblower and bring out the lawn mower. So before you switch over the yard equipment this spring, think about the best practice for long-term storage of that engine. Two simple things to remember; (1) the fuel and (2) the engine oil. Fuel […]

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Dash display settings for oil life monitor
12 Apr

Oil-life monitors keep improving, but they’re not perfect.

What happens when your vehicle’s oil-life monitor contradicts AMSOIL’s oil-change recommendations? Oil-life monitoring systems (OLMS) are standard on most vehicles today. Their prevalence the past several years has helped convince motorists to go longer between oil changes than the old 3,000-mile (4,800-km) standby, reducing waste oil and saving time and money. Today, it’s common for […]

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24 Mar

Second Major Small-Engine OEM Chooses AMSOIL

AMSOIL new product 15W-50, for Kohler Engines Nearly a decade ago, Briggs & Stratton* chose AMSOIL to formulate a new motor oil for its most demanding racing engines, AMSOIL Synthetic 4T Racing Oil. The partnership increased the AMSOIL brand recognition and credibility in the racing small-engine market and further growing acceptance among a lager customer […]

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Promo Code FIVE221
16 Feb

Preferred & Catalogue Customers Promo Code

Promotion for Preferred and Catalogue Customers Preferred Customers and Catalogue Customers receive free shipping with the purchase of five (5) quarts of the same motor oil or diesel engine oil. Enter Promo Code: FIVE221 Effective Dates: February 17 – March 2, 2021 To receive advanced notification of special promo code offers, sign up to our […]

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Promo Code GLOVE221
31 Jan

Commercial & Retail Accounts Promo Code

Promotion for Commercial and Retail Accounts AMSOIL Promo Code for Commercial and Retail Accounts that spend $400 get 40 Free pairs of Nitrile Gloves. Active accounts will receive email notification for this offer. Enter Promo Code: GLOVE221 Effective Dates: February 01 – February 28, 2021 To receive advanced notification of special promo code offers, sign […]

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