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How I Became An Oil Aficionado and Fell in Love With AMSOIL

I got involved in AMSOIL organically—the same way a lot of Dealers find customers and people who decide to become Dealers, too.

While you don’t need to like or know about cars to become an AMSOIL Dealer, I just happened to be a car buff in my teens and twenties. I met an AMSOIL Dealer who sold me on the engine oil for a one-year oil change. I’d never heard of oil that could last that long, but I loved the idea of changing my engine oil, then forgetting about it for a year. So, I tried it. My car ran great; I’ve never gone back to the 5000km/3000-mile oil change.

When that Dealer offered me the chance to start my own business, I jumped at the opportunity. That was in 1982, and AMSOIL only began offering Dealerships in 1973. Unlike today, Dealers couldn’t sponsor/sign up accounts with Retail, Commercial, or Preferred Customers. And there was no online website. It was all boots-on-the-ground, face-to-face sales. 

I love a good challenge, but selling was tough back then.

When a company in Ontario offered me a lucrative full-time job in aviation/aircraft maintenance, I moved and let my AMSOIL dealership expire. But when I needed more oil for my car in 1986, I signed up as an AMSOIL Dealer again! I still liked the idea of selling it, but it was still a tough sell. AMSOIL was the only automotive synthetic oil on the market. No one had heard of or understood synthetic oil; I told the story as best I could.

In 1987, AMSOIL introduced the “Retail and Commercial account program,” where a Dealer could work with a company to resell AMSOIL in their retail shop or with a commercial business to use AMSOIL in their vehicles and equipment. It was a total game-changer! I was able to increase my income exponentially but still needed a full-time income. My AMSOIL business made money, just not enough to live on yet.

For years, I just worked my AMSOIL business part-time. That’s one of the great things about this business—you can start part-time and slowly build up your income.

For years, I just worked my AMSOIL business part-time. That’s one of the great things about this business—you can start part-time and slowly build up your income. Little by little, I began to see progressively bigger paychecks. They were also in USD dollars, so the CAD pay was slightly higher with the exchange rate. 

In my free time, I studied the AMSOIL business income in-depth to figure out how much oil I needed to sell to earn as much as my well-paying Federal Government job. I found the answer—the mathematical dollar value income calculated from how much oil I needed to sell (and Commission credits I needed to earn) every month. I could see it on a spreadsheet, so I knew the bar required to reach my goal was very doable.  

I still had time before turning 50 to earn full-time income at my government job, work my business, and build my customer base. At age 50, I could take the value of my pension with me. One month shy of 50, I took my pension, quit my job, and start working my AMSOIL business full-time. I do earn a monthly income now that matches my former full-time Government job. 

Two of the Dealers in my business became very interested in what I was doing. Today, one of them is making a higher AMSOIL income than I am!

That’s the beauty of the AMSOIL business. There are no limits to what you can achieve or how much you can earn if you’re willing to work for it.


If you start as a Dealer in this business and someday surpass me in income, I’ll be applauding your efforts! And you’ll be supported by AMSOIL every step of the way.

The business has been rewarding but not always easy. I almost quit in 2016; I learned that inventorying products and selling directly to auto service shops doesn’t work well for me. I’m too nice. I don’t like asking people to pay overdue bills; I prefer my accounts order directly from AMSOIL.

After being involved in this business since 1982, I know it inside and out. I’ve seen the changes and weathered the challenges over the years. I know what is good, what is not so good, who is likely to make it, and who won’t. I’ve learned the online tricks and methods. I know where Dealers have tricked the system. I understand the home inventory business model and delivery service, what it takes to grow that business, and what causes headaches. I have seen Dealers come out of nowhere and rise to the next level seemingly overnight. 

I’ve been where you are now and done what you need to do. I am passionate about my business, and I’m excited about helping plan big business ideas and strategies to develop new business growth with my Dealers. 

When you join my team, I’m here to help you succeed. I’ll even help you find a new Customer to begin earning income quickly.

Seeing is believing. Let me show you what I can do for you.
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