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Oil Analysis

Oil testing to save you on service costs

Oil testing has long been a way to check for fluid contamination that causes breakdowns, and to rule out abuse or neglect as a cause of failure. A small fluid sample is submitted to be thoroughly analyzed, then an oil analysis report exposes the condition and the contaminants it contains.

But for fleet vehicles using high-quality fluids, filters, and oils, oil testing takes on a whole new purpose. What if you could extend your service intervals by thousands of kilometers while maintaining the high level of protection that AMSOIL provides? There’s only one way to know, and that’s by testing its condition.

Simply submit an oil sample for testing when the scheduled oil change is due

The process of submitting an oil analysis kit

Why would oil testing be beneficial in the first place? If you’ve been changing the oil in your machinery or fleet vehicles according to mileage, you could be leaving time and money on the table. If your oil could still serve for another 1,000, 5,000, or even 10,000km, wouldn’t it be good to know? And what if there were other issues detected like concentrations of fuel in the oil? Early detection could help avoid a major repair when a minor one could’ve worked earlier.

Simply submit an oil sample for testing when the scheduled oil change is due. The oil analysis takes just a few days to produce the test results, and it can change how you service your vehicles. Based on the contamination levels, your oil analysis may show that OEM intervals are correct, or with AMSOIL, it can show that saturation is well below normal and the oil is good for some time yet. And when that’s the case, you can confidently extend maintenance intervals on your equipment.

Oil analysis suction pump

Oil sample
OAI suction pump


Note: This Sampling Pump includes 10′ of hose. The Oil Analysis Kits contain the Bottle (kits sold separately).

Hose 25 feet for oil analysis pump

Replacement Hose-25 Ft.
for OAI Pump


Regular sampling and trend analysis — monitoring test data over an extended period of time

Sampling and Trend Analysis

Fluid analysis is a preventive maintenance tool that provides diagnostic testing designed to evaluate lubricant condition, component wear and contamination in mobile and industrial applications. Testing reports identify; dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution, coolant and other contaminants that can cause catastrophic failure or significantly shorten equipment life. Routine fluid analysis can detect lubricant or equipment issues before major problems develop.

Monitoring lubricant system cleanliness and filtration efficiency can keep your equipment operating longer and significantly reduce lubricant replacement costs. The suggested sampling intervals for conventional (non-synthetic) oils, follow the OEM’s lube service interval. When using a synthetic motor oil, the lubricant manufacturer’s recommended interval should be followed. Thus, to extend the lube service interval of synthetic lubricant beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation, an oil analysis must be conducted.

The Oil Analyzers Fluid Analysis Program protects valuable equipment by providing solutions for lubrication concerns through accurate and easy-to-understand fluid analysis, timely reporting and an unparalleled commitment to personal, friendly customer service. Oil Analyzers work with fully equipped laboratories staffed by highly trained analysts and offers a complete line of oil analysis services to help you get the most from your lubricants and extend the life of your equipment.

Testing Kits for Canada

Oil Test Kit
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Coolant Test Kit
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Testing Kits for United States

Oil Test Kit
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Oil Test Kit
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Oil Test Kit
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Coolant Test Kit
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Diesel Fuel Contamination
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Diesel Fuel Performance

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Oil Testing Kits

Commercial Account

Looking for oil sample kits or more information on oil testing? AMSOIL commercial accounts buy oil testing kits at a discounted rate. Ask your servicing AMSOIL Dealer for more information or contact us to find out the benefits of using regular oil analysis for your fleet.

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Oil testing lab locations

AMSOIL partnered with Oil Analyzers Inc. since the beginning

For engine oil analysis, AMSOIL has trusted Oil Analyzers Inc. for decades. Send away a sample to one of their labs in Canada or the USA and you’ll see why. With an established relationship, technicians can be more accurate about contamination levels to best recommend continued use and the report data about the oil’s condition. No other lab has decades of compounded data about AMSOIL than Oil Analyzers Inc.

7451 Winton Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 877-808-3750

10910 West Sam Houston Parkway North
Suite 700
Houston, TX 77064-6310
Phone: 877-808-3750

3060 West California Avenue
Suit B
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Phone: 877-808-3750

5140 75th Street
Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E 6W2
Phone: 877-808-3750

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