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Petrol and diesel fuels are refined from crude oil but contrary to popular belief, ‘refined’ does not equal ‘clean’. Between carbon buildup in the combustion process and impurities in the fuel, the injection system becomes gummed up. When the fuel injectors are dirty, your engine performance suffers. Fuel injection cleaner and other fuel additives from AMSOIL are one-step products to restore the way your engine runs.

How important is fuel injection cleaning?

If you’ve ever noticed a decrease in engine performance, it doesn’t necessarily mean your engine is worn out. It could simply be dirty or clogged fuel injectors, and a single treatment can restore flow.

The spray from fuel injector nozzles is an atomized mist to provide clean, power-producing burn. Impurities that make their way into the engine can gum up the injector tips over time. During combustion, carbon deposits can form on the nozzles as well, eventually causing fuel to ‘glob’ out instead of making a fine mist. As a result, the burn inside the cylinders isn’t as complete, robbing your engine of horsepower.

Fuel injection cleaner breaks up those deposits in just one tank of fuel, reclaiming as much as 14% horsepower. Is that power important to you? If it is, then fuel injection cleaning is a must.

P.I. Petrol Injector CleanerAMSOIL P.I. Performance Improver gasoline additive scrubs away power-robbing deposits from the fuel injectors, cylinder valves, and combustion chamber to restore as much as 14% of lost horsepower in a single tank of gas. It’s also perfect for controlling knock and restoring 100% flow rate in GDI engines.

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Diesel Injector All-In-OneDiesel All-In-One treatment is the ideal all-season product to prevent gelling, clean diesel fuel injectors, and boost cetane content for all diesel engines.

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Additional fuel additives and products to consider

AMSOIL has fuel additives for both petrol and diesel applications to keep you performing at your best.

Diesel Recovery is perfect for cold-weather operators to thaw frozen fuel filters and liquefy gelled fuel.

AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant breaks down deposits that form in the cylinder head and lubricates these sparsely-oiled parts.

Quickshot® stabilizes fuel and boosts ethanol while cleaning the fuel system in your powersports equipment.

DOMINATOR® Octane Boost reduces engine knock from pre-ignition in both two-cycle and four-cycle engines, and it helps for a cleaner burn.

Diesel Cetane Boost unlocks your diesel engine’s maximum performance and boosts fuel economy with a single treatment.

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Petrol fuel additives

Upper Cylinder


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Upper Cylinder Lubricant

Gasoline Stabilizer
Petrol Fuel


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petrol stabilizer

Octane Boost


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DOMINATOR® Octane Boost

Petrol Fuel


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Quickshot® Fuel System Cleaner

Diesel fuel additives

Diesel Injector


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Diesel Injection Cleaner

Diesel Cetane


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Diesel Cetane Boost

Diesel Injector Clean
Plus Cetane Boost


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Diesel Injection plus Cetane Boost

Diesel Recovery


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Diesel Recovery

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