The best performance oils deliver the best results

Lubricants are formulated for use in very specific applications. From a technical standpoint, that’s the only way a lubricant can provide the highest level of reliability and performance possible. AMSOIL provides a variety of products for this key reason. Our customers realize the best performance for any vehicle that contends with different operating conditions beyond OEM requirements.

AMSOIL has been a leading manufacturer of synthetic motor oil since the mid-to-late 1960’s under the name Life-Lube Inc. Later in 1970 the name changed to AMZOIL which later became AMSOIL. In 1972 AMSOIL was the first company to meet the API standards for an automotive synthetic motor oil SAE 10W-40.

AMSOIL "First in Synthetics"®

Since then the company has produced multiple engine oil viscosities, transmission fluids and several other lubricants for light and heavy-duty vehicles and small 2-4 stroke engines. Today, the AMSOIL brand is recognized as having the largest product line of high quality synthetic oils and engine lubricants.

Using AMSOIL, customers quickly realize the benefits of a superior lubricant. This includes better fuel economy, easy extreme cold weather starts, resistance to extreme heat, far less mechanical friction, component wear and much, much more.

AMSOIL “The First in Synthetics”® is the leading manufacturer of synthetic oil
which boosts the largest product line in the industry.

AMSOIL synthetic base-stocks are shear-stable with an inherent P.S.I. shear strength is several times greater than petroleum or other branded synthetic oils. AMSOIL’s proprietary base-stock technology and chemically synthesized additives remain unsurpassed for quality and extreme operating and temperature conditions.

It’s the AMSOIL brand reputation and our customers expect it!

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