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Synthetic engine oil for any engine, transmission and more…

Choose top quality synthetic engine oil for your service. AMSOIL for any engine increases fuel economy, maximizes engine horsepower and gives a long life to any engine. Find synthetic lubricants for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, four-wheeler, snowmobile, lawnmower and anything else with an engine. AMSOIL’s extremely high shear strength keeps moving parts separated, even under heavy use. If it needs oil, choose a top quality synthetic oil designed to help your equipment run at peak efficiency and last longer. Join the millions of proud AMSOIL users to experience the difference. Customer Testimonials

Car & Truck

Car and Truck

Motorhome & RV

Turbo Diesel Truck

Turbo Diesel Commercial Truck

Classic and Muscle Car

Classic Muscle Car

Racing Car

Racing Car

Although you may already know that synthetic engine oils outperform conventional oils, you might not understand why.

Synthetic VS. Conventional 

40 Years Beyond Conventional

Tractor/ Equipment

Farm Tractor

Small Engine Power

Semi Truck Transmission

Semi Truck Chassis

Semi Truck Diesels

Semi truck transmission


Four Wheelers

Four Wheeler

Dirt Bike

Street Bike

Harleys & V-Twin 

Harley Davidson V-Twin

Jetski and Powerboat


Scooter Bike

Moped Scooter

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