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Think switching to synthetic oil can be risky?

Fleet Management Solutions with AMSOIL

Are you worried about diverging from the fleet management program and manufacturer’s fluid recommendations? Switching to synthetic oil can be risky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could end up with an engine that doesn’t run as well as it did before or, even worse, total engine failure.

On the other hand, switching to AMSOIL synthetic oil for fleet vehicle maintenance is a risk-free decision with a predictable outcome when we walk you through the process. We take the risk, so you don’t have to, and our products and service are specifically tailored to ensure your vehicles run their best. Our easy-to-schedule maintenance plan is simple, keeping your fleet in top condition longer.

Making the switch to AMSOIL synthetic oil is easier than you think. Our synthetic oils protect your engine better than conventional oils, and our product costs you less in the long run due to fewer oil change servicing intervals.

  • Keeps high-mileage engines and equipment running
  • Improved fuel economy (car, truck and semi trucks)
  • Less engine oil consumption
  • Peak performance and engine protection
  • Fewer mechanical problems
  • AMSOIL synthetic oils stay in service longer (It’s what we do best!)

AMSOIL Commercial is a leading provider of technical expertise for businesses in various industries. We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to help clients uncover unforeseen problems before they escalate into significant issues. Our dedicated team offers innovative ideas and solutions to save money, enhance uptime, increase production, and effectively address equipment-related challenges. With our comprehensive range of services, we are committed to helping fleet managers optimize their operations while ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity—Trust AMSOIL Commercial Fleet Management Lubricants to provide the technical expertise you need to overcome obstacles and succeed in your industry.

Fleet Maintenance Program with AMSOIL Commercial

Turbo Diesel Commercial Business Truck

Skeptical about making the switch to AMSOIL from what you currently use? Some straightforward applications include small engines, car and truck oil changes and semi truck lubricants. On the other hand, it’s a significant jump to make for fleet managers. Whether you’ve heard of AMSOIL before or discovered it for the first time, we’ll demonstrate that AMSOIL can provide the solution you’re looking for. Think of it as job security.

AMSOIL INC. can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with your fleet maintenance program. AMSOIL is well-known as a solution when managing costs and communicating with your suppliers needs to be balanced with overall fleet safety, downtime, and scheduled maintenance. It’s what most fleet maintenance managers are looking for… to spend the maintenance budget wisely and maintain operations. After all, it’s a decision that could put you in the hot seat.

Fleet managers rely on AMSOIL synthetic lubricants for semi truck maintenance, car and truck oil change service and everything in between. You can trust AMSOIL to deliver by keeping your fleet maintenance program ahead of potential failures or breakdowns. We take the hassle out of fleet management and provide solutions for preventive measures that ensure your vehicles operate safely and efficiently. We’ll create a personalized plan and schedule according to your needs, including our oil analysis, to make switching to high-quality synthetic lubricants easy, efficient, and cost-effective and guarantee your fleet maintenance program success so you can do what you do best when your fleet is working on a budget and on time.

AMSOIL Fleet Management Solutions

We know what you’re thinking. It takes too much time to go through the process, and you’re never sure if you’ll save money or spend more trying something new like AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. We are here to walk you through the process with our team of experts to make the switch to AMSOIL Commercial Lubricants a success.

Get started with our easy online Commercial Business form and hit send. We’ll create your commercial account for fleet maintenance pricing and set you up for your AMSOIL commercial login zone. Then get back to running your business with AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Orders ship same day to your shop location(s) in drums, totes or any package size best suits your needs.

Fleet Management with AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants keep your high mileage fleet vehicles humming, and they save on your bottom line for fleet maintenance lubricants, but it’s hard to know whom to trust without proof.

With fleet maintenance lubricants from AMSOIL Commercial, you get the right package size, quantity, delivery date, and *free shipping. We offer various synthetic oils, engine oil filters, engine bypass filters, injection cleaners, engine antifreeze and much more to suit your needs, so you can keep your fleet running smoothly. Find everything from 5w20 synthetic to 15w40 diesel engine oils and semi truck transmission oils to keep your semi trucks, cars, and diesel trucks humming. We also supply synthetic lubricants for specialized hydraulic equipment, only available from AMSOIL Commercial.

AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants for Fleet of Cars, Truck and Semi Trucks.

Do you need to reduce your fleet’s maintenance costs and increase reliability? If yes, then AMSOIL synthetic lubricants can be your solution. At AMSOIL, we put the highest quality synthetic oils in the market in your hands, and our products are compatible with non-synthetic oils for a wide range of fleet maintenance applications. To get started, submit our Commercial Business form, and we’ll connect you with your servicing AMSOIL Dealer.

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Oil Analysis to Bridge the Gap

If you know what you need and want to get started now, fill out our online form to order our AMSOIL synthetic 5w20 or 15w40 diesel engine oil or any other lubricants and supplies you need for fleet maintenance. On the other hand, you may want to perform a pilot project, what we call “Proof-of-Concept,” with one or two vehicles. We can demonstrate our fleet maintenance solutions with oil analysis testing to help you bridge the gap making the switch to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants for a smooth transition to a more cost-effective maintenance program for your fleet based on your needs.

Oil Analysis Testing

To understand how we use AMSOIL’s oil analysis to bridge the gap, schedule a meeting with AMSOIL Dealer Dale Cox and let’s talk about your fleet, your challenges, and some of the objectives you need to achieve. We outline recommendations to guarantee the desired results before you commit your team and the maintenance budget to switch to AMSOIL commercial products.

In our fleet maintenance recommendation, you’ll receive any must-haves you described, such as delivery times, package sizes, pricing, and how this relates to your goals. This also includes a “Proof-of-Concept” outline describing the steps, timeline, assumptions, and success criteria for how the AMSOIL brand can take your fleet maintenance program to the next level.

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What is a Proof-of-Concept?

Proof of Concept is a pilot project with one or more vehicles where we monitor the engine oil performance to achieve the desired outcome. You may have fleet management experience working with oil analysis testing, or this may be your first time. Our oil analysis testing will take a comprehensive look inside your engine, transmission, or gearbox to demonstrate that our products do exactly what we say they do… outperform the competition.

Contact us for oil analysis testing and our commitment to you during the “Proof of Concept” period.

Here’s a spoiler: the oil itself may not be the problem. This is a different kind of oil testing used to prove oil quality over a longer service life while providing increased fuel economy, less oil consumption, and cleaner running engines. A clean engine (transmission) is efficient, and who doesn’t want that? Have you ever extended oil drain intervals before? It can be a strange feeling the first time. But trust me, it becomes a right of passage feeling as our oil analysis will prove that you are in good hands with AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.

The steps to carry out the Proof-of-Concept are taken from previous clients’ processes that we learned from in past success. The outcome is so predictable that we could write the playbook on it. The essentials for the proof-of-concept are your engine, transmission or gearbox and an oil analysis program provided by Synthetic Lubricants. Our recommendations will outline the quantity of oil and filters you will need before beginning the Proof-of-Concept process. Every Proof-of-Concept is a custom-tailored program because, as a fleet manager, the situations and solutions you need to achieve are unique.

Fleet Management Solutions Saving You Time and Money

Changing your fleet vehicle’s engine and transmission oil is a hassle and chews up precious time. It would help if you found a place to do the work, get the oil supplies (perhaps storing large quantities), and then spend time changing engine and transmission oil. What if you only had to check the oil dipstick over the next 12 months and thousands of miles and imagine you only see clean oil on the dipstick scale reading?

Fleet maintenance lubricants from AMSOIL Commercial can save you time and money. You can install AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in any application that currently uses conventional oil and ensure that your vehicles are getting optimal performance. Additionally, you’ll decrease fuel and oil consumption by reducing friction inside your engines and transmissions with the best synthetic lubricants.

You might be spending more now than what AMSOIL synthetic lubricants cost you down the road. Stop wasting time on frequent oil changes and reduce your fuel bill today with AMSOIL’s fleet lubricants for car, truck, and semi truck lubricants. Get started with our easy online Commercial Business account and eliminate the hassle of servicing your vehicles with AMSOIL synthetic oils.
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Our customers quickly realize that the deficiencies they accepted as standard with their previous lubricant regimes have been needlessly chewing up time and profits.

Let us bridge the gap with our "Proof of Concept"

Gasoline Car & Truck Oil Change Maintenance

Fleet management question: “Our fleet vehicles are used for security patrol. Vehicle engines run 22 out of 24 hours daily, mostly idling to run the heater or the A/C. We are unsure if we should track engine hours or mileage to determine our oil change service. We want to extend our oil change service. How can AMSOIL help?”

Current products & oil change interval

Castrol motor oil, OEM spec oil filter, and oil service every 5,000 km. Present oil change tracked with hours or kilometer odometer reading.



Switch to AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 and use AMSOIL’s Ea® long-life oil filter. Take an oil sample at mileage intervals of 15,000 km and then again at 20,000 km.


Proof of Concept

The process results from both oil samples proved that AMSOIL was suitable for continued service until the next service interval.

At 25,000 km, the customer changed the engine oil and oil filter, even though our last oil analysis showed no reason to do so. The customer saw 5X the previous oil change service interval and was happy with these results.

Note: The AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-20 and Ea® oil filter are both warrantied by AMSOIL INC. for 40,000 km./ 24,000 miles or one year when used in gasoline engines.


Customer Satisfaction

AMSOIL extended the customer’s oil change service and proved that the oil change service could be tracked by odometer reading alone.



AMSOIL reduced the overall cost of oil change service by 38% and freed up more time for staff to perform other proactive maintenance.

2011 Ford Escape / sump capacity 5L

Fleet Management Oil Analysis Gasoline engine after 20,000 km.

Truck Turbo Diesel Engine Oil Change Maintenance

Heavy duty mechanic question: “We use the Dodge 3500/ 6.7 L turbo diesel trucks for long hauling. Our trucks travel 2,400 – 3,600 miles weekly, working nine to ten months of the year. We are currently changing our engine oil every month. We want to extend our engine oil service to keep our trucks on the road longer to avoid servicing between long-haul destinations. An oil change every month is too much to manage when the trucks are loaded. If possible, we need to keep within the budget, spending no more than we currently fund for the oil change service. How can AMSOIL help?”

Current products & oil change interval

Dodge service brand motor oil and engine oil filter, oil service every 7,000 miles. Oil change tracked with odometer reading in “miles.”



Switch to AMSOIL Signature Series Diesel 15W-40 synthetic motor oil and use AMSOIL’s Ea® long-life oil filter. Oil analysis is to be carried out two times at mileage intervals of 10,000 miles and 17,000 miles.


Proof of Concept

The process results from both oil analyses showed that the engine oil was suitable for continued use until the next oil change interval.

Note: The customer replaced the motor oil and oil filter at 20,000 miles. The final oil analysis showed no reason to change the motor oil.


Customer Satisfaction

AMSOIL proved three times (3X) longer drain interval for these turbo diesel engines to the customer’s satisfaction by keeping the trucks on the road working and spending less time for routine oil change service.



AMSOIL reduced the cost of oil change services by over 50%. The customer was delighted with the results and decided to change the transmission fluid for its longer service life and better protection.

Oil Analysis Turbo Diesel engine 2012 Cummins Dodge Ram

Fleet Management Oil Analysis Turbo Diesel engine 2012 Cummins Dodge Ram.

Oil Analysis 2015 Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel 3500

Fleet Management Oil Analysis 2015 Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel 3500.

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