AMSOIL & Benz Oil News release

May 11, 2023

Benz Oil acquired by AMSOIL INC

Benz Oil + AMSOIL Industrial: what it Means for the Future

In May 2023, AMSOIL’s acquisition of Benz Oil, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of industrial lubricants, will broaden the company’s reach. Benz produces industrial fluids not currently offered by AMSOIL, such as cutting fluids, metalworking fluids, process oils, and more. Benz Oil will be renamed AMSOIL Industrial, and the Benz locations and employees will become part of the AMSOIL INC. organization. This acquisition will give the Industrial business unit a considerable boost in growth, expand into new areas of expertise and enable AMSOIL to provide a more extensive range of products to their customers.

AMSOIL’s Acquisition

AMSOIL’s acquisition will provide more leverage in its negotiations on raw-material pricing, enabling the company to stay competitive regarding the base oils and additives purchased from suppliers for the AMSOIL and AMSOIL Industrial product lines. The acquisition of Benz Oil by AMSOIL is a positive development for the company. It will increase AMSOIL’s customer base, revenue and technical capabilities, and greater recognition for its brand. This will strengthen AMSOIL’s standing in the marketplace and allow the company to offer its customers even more innovative products and services.

Benz Oil team

Integrating the Benz team and resources into AMSOIL Industrial has substantially increased AMSOIL’s knowledge and capacities in industrial fluids. This acquisition will make the AMSOIL brand the go-to provider for companies looking to optimize their operations. AMSOIL Industrial’s range of products now includes turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil, stationary engine oil, grease, coolant and flushing and cleaning products – as well as cutting and grinding metalworking fluid, process fluid, heat-transfer fluid and other specialty fluids.

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