2023 September Promo – Buy Four 5W20 get one

September 27, 2023

Busy mechanics who need 5w20 full synthetic oil change supplies.

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5w20 full synthetic oil

Buy 4 Quarts (946-ml. Bottles) of any grade* Motor Oil, and Get 1 Free
Eligible Participants: Preferred Customers and online/catalog customers
Effective Dates: Sept. 27-Oct. 10, 2023.

5w20 full synthetic oil change

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AMSOIL Ea oil filters 12 months service and ultra fine partical filtration. Find the right oil filter for your specific driving conditions.  Data sheet


Promotion: Buy 4 Quarts (946-ml Bottles) of Motor Oil, Get 1 Free

Eligible Participants: Preferred Customers and Online Customers

Effective Dates: September 17 – October 10, 2023

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*Exclusive offer for Preferred Customers and Online/ catalogue customers.


5W20 Full synthetic motor oil change

In the world of automotive maintenance, few things are as critical as choosing the right motor oil and oil filters. Your vehicle’s engine’s performance, longevity, and overall health depend on it. That’s where AMSOIL comes into play, offering a range of synthetic motor oils and filters designed to provide superior protection and performance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of AMSOIL, exploring their synthetic motor oils, oil filters, and the benefits they bring to your vehicle.


Synthetic Motor Oils

AMSOIL is renowned for its synthetic motor oils, which offer a level of protection and performance that goes beyond conventional oils. Here are some key highlights of AMSOIL’s Signature Series synthetic motor oils:

Engine Protection

When it comes to safeguarding your engine against horsepower loss and wear, AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oils are unmatched. They provide a staggering 75% more engine protection compared to competing products.

Cleaning Power

AMSOIL Signature Series offers 50% more cleaning power compared to AMSOIL OE Motor Oil. This means cleaner engines, reduced deposits, and improved overall engine performance.

Turbocharger Protection

For vehicles equipped with turbochargers, AMSOIL Signature Series motor oils go above and beyond. They protect turbochargers 72% better than what is required by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification.

Acid-Neutralizing Power

Acid buildup in the engine can lead to corrosion and damage. AMSOIL Signature Series motor oils provide 28% more acid-neutralizing power compared to Mobil 1, ensuring your engine stays healthy.

Mechanic’s top choice

AMSOIL’s commitment to quality and performance has made it a trusted choice for professional engine builders who demand nothing but the best for their high-performance engines.

Service Intervals

One of the standout features of AMSOIL Signature Series motor oils is their extended service life. They offer guaranteed protection for up to 25,000 miles or 1 year, making them an excellent choice for those seeking convenience and peace of mind.

AMSOIL Oil Filters

To complement their exceptional synthetic motor oils, AMSOIL also offers a range of oil filters designed to provide the highest level of filtration and protection for your engine. Here’s what you need to know about AMSOIL Oil Filters:

Extended Service Life

When used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, AMSOIL Oil Filters are guaranteed for extended service life. Filters designated with product code EA15K are recommended for 15,000 miles (24,000 km) or one year, whichever comes first, in normal or severe service.


Filters designated with product code EAO are recommended for 25,000 miles (40,000 km) or one year, whichever comes first, in normal service or 15,000 miles (24,000 km) or one year, whichever comes first, in severe service. This versatility ensures that you can find the right filter for your specific driving conditions.

Maintenance Note

It’s important to note that even with extended-service oil filters, it is still recommended to change the oil filter at every oil change to maintain optimal engine health.


AMSOIL Lookup for Your Vehicle

Now that you’re familiar with the exceptional features of AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oils and their high-performance oil filters, it’s time to consider which products are best suited for your vehicle and driving needs.

Signature Series Motor Oil Grades

AMSOIL offers a variety of Signature Series motor oil grades to match different vehicle requirements and climates. Be sure to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or seek the advice of a qualified mechanic to determine the right motor oil grade for your engine.

Oil Change Intervals

Consider your driving habits and conditions. If you typically drive in severe conditions, such as stop-and-go city traffic, extreme temperatures, or towing heavy loads, it’s advisable to opt for shorter oil change intervals, even with the extended-service oil filters.

Turbocharged Engines

If your vehicle is equipped with a turbocharger, AMSOIL Signature Series motor oils are an excellent choice to ensure turbocharger protection.

Professional Advice

When in doubt, consult with a professional mechanic or automotive expert who can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific vehicle and driving patterns.

AMSOIL Lookup for Your next oil change

AMSOIL’s commitment to engineering excellence and superior performance is evident in their Signature Series synthetic motor oils and oil filters. With industry-leading engine protection, extended service intervals, and a reputation trusted by professionals, AMSOIL products are a top choice for those who demand the best for their vehicles. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your choose for AMSOIL’s  unparalleled protection and performance.

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