Reseller/Installer Account

See how AMSOIL products perform in the lab and in the field.

AMSOIL Retail/ Installer Account

Thinking of offering AMSOIL to your customers?

AMSOIL has amazing endorsements from customers and mechanics. I am an authorized AMSOIL Dealer working with shops like yours. Customers immediately associate quality with the AMSOIL brand. Mechanics often talk about its excellent performance and why they love it.

AMSOIL wholesale pricing is only available to verified businesses. When you see another business offering our products, you can be sure the wholesale pricing structure is the same for everyone.

How to Get Started

AMSOIL verifies every Retail account as a legitimate business. Business information includes;

  • Business name & address
  • Phone & email
  • Business public listing (i.e. website or public directory)
  • Type of business: Vehicle Service, Retail only, Powersports.
  • Owner’s name, and if applicable other persons involved in purchasing (i.e. accounts payable, manages)
  • Other branded products sold as a part of business activity

With this business information in place, your business is ready to order AMSOIL synthetic lubricants at wholesale pricing.

Start a New Account

First time accounts *qualify for merchandising and marketing material for your type of business.
*with your first order of $350 USD/ $450 CAD

  • Auto Service Centres/ Installers
  • Auto Retail Locations
  • Powersports
  • Motorcycle

AMSOIL Locator Brings High Value Customers to your Shop

With thousands of online searches every day for AMSOIL, our locator will bring new customers to your business. The AMSOIL Locator will list your shop as an AMSOIL Service Centre Installer or Reseller… or both! Customers will see where your business is located, AMSOIL products you have in stock, hours of operation and google maps for driving directions.

AMSOIL is a premium product that delivers great profit margins and bring more high value customers to your business. We don’t believe customers buy synthetic lubricants for what it is… they buy for what it does. AMSOIL creates that “wow” experience.

Increase your online business advertising with the AMSOIL Locator

The Best Customer Care Oil Change Service

Between working with customers and managing your shop, it takes a lot of time and effort to run a successful business. Whether you are looking for products that support your standards for quality and professional reputation or bring in new customers, AMSOIL can help grow your bottom line. AMSOIL provides the products and customer service tools you need to make selling AMSOIL easy and profitable.

  • AMSOIL OE Series – For longer oil change intervals common to vehicles with an Oil Life Monitor systems (OLM)
  • AMSOIL XL Series – Oil change service for customers who combine an oil change with winter/ summer tire rotation. Oil service at 6 months or 10,000 mile/ 16,000kms.
  • AMSOIL Signature Series – Our best quality motor oil. For customer who want the BEST motor oil! Signature Series motor oils last one year or 25,000 mile/  40,000kms. Recommend the one year oil change combined with an AMSOIL EaO oil filter. Read more about our oil filters

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

AMSOIL brings instant recognition of quality customer trust. In 1972, Amsoil was the first blending company to offer an API/SAE rated synthetic motor oil. Today many other companies have introduced a synthetic product. However, many of these brands have been tarnished with litigation suits and false claims, and offer no noticeable difference. Customers who know Amsoil experience a difference they simply do not find with another brand.

Customers expect more! An increasing number of people are delaying new vehicle purchases, deciding to keep their current vehicles on the road longer. The AMSOIL brand is the quality and reputation they turn to for motor oils, transmission fluid, gear oils, and other service lubricants.

Start Selling AMSOIL to Your Customers

New accounts based on verification of your business location & listing (1-2 business days)

For independent service centre owners who make large orders

Increase Profit Margin with an Independant AMSOIL Dealership Account

Upgrade to a Dealer account at any time and participate in the AMSOIL Commission Plan. For independent shop owners that see the potential of selling more AMSOIL products to more customers, can benefit by upgrading to a Dealer account.

Dealers profit from commission earns based on the total monthly volume of products. Independent business owners who purchase large amounts of lubricants can take advantage of commission earnings base on monthly total orders and receive Dealer wholesale discounts. This may not work everyone, but for those who understand how it works, they see a bottom line of up to 20% below wholesale.

Participate in the Compensation Plan

Each product is assigned a commission value which earns a compensation based on product volume for the month. When you purchase AMSOIL as a Dealer the commission structure is in your favor. As your sponsoring Dealer, I earn less and you earn more. Dealers who make large single orders benefit from both the commission structure and large single order discounts. These two combined can make a big difference in the bottom line. For service centers owners who are able to become Independent Dealers, AMSOIL is now the primary brand name in their shop because they take advantage of the Dealership option.

The Dealership account is not for everyone. If you would like to know if the AMSOIL Dealership and Compensation Plan can benefit your shop, then Get in Touch to find out more details.

AMSOIL is now the primary brand name in their shop because they take advantage of the Dealership option

What is the difference between an AMSOIL Dealership Account and the Retail/ Installer Account?

Retail Account AMSOIL Dealer
Confidential wholesale pricing Yes Yes
AMSOIL Technical Services Yes Yes
Your shop listed on the AMSOIL Locator website Yes Yes
Free shipping with *MOV $350 USD/ $450 CAD Yes Yes
Discounts up to 10% % (based on cumulative 12 months) Yes Yes
Discounts up to 10% % (based on Single order only) Yes Yes
Annual account renewal fees Yes Yes
Participate in the AMSOIL Compensation Plan Yes Yes

*minimum order value

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