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Routine vehicle maintenance typically includes the engine oil and your car’s tires, but the transmission fluid service is frequently missed or neglected. For many vehicle owners, an infrequent interval of 50,000 km to 100,000 km – or even a “fill for life” might mean it’s not important, but that’s just not the case. Although transmission fluid is a longer-life fluid, it’s still imperative to change it from time to time.

AMSOIL has developed fully-synthetic transmission fluids for all applications. Whether you’re driving a vehicle with a newer 10-speed automatic transmission, an older manual gearbox, or continuously variable transmission (CVT), you’ll find the highest-quality replacement transmission fluid in our product lineup.

Is a transmission fluid flush really necessary?

Some manufacturers bill their transmissions as “fill for life” while others recommend changing according to extended intervals or only under severe use. If you’re following those guidelines, you’re doing your vehicle a disservice.

Today’s automatic transmissions are intricate and complex, seamlessly blending electronic shifting with precision-made metal components and clutches inside. Transmission fluid serves both as a hydraulic fluid for shifting as well as a lubricant and cooling agent, much like engine oil does. Over time, transmission fluid discolours and darkens as oxidation occurs and the oil additives become overwhelmed by contaminants. Sludge can form and particles begin acting as abrasives, wearing internal components down. You’ll notice harsh shifting and performance differences.

A transmission fluid flush is the only way to remove unwanted particles from your transmission and restore its performance. On average, your first transmission service should be around 50,000 km to 75,000 km and at that interval thereafter.

Engine and
Transmission Flush


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Engine and Transmission Flush

How AMSOIL does transmission servicing better

The best in wear protection inside your transmission comes from using AMSOIL transmission fluid. AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is available for most makes and models and is specifically designed to stay fluid in cold temperatures, resist breakdown, and protect better in extreme conditions. In testing, it far surpasses the protection from OEM Ford Mercon V and Chrysler ATF +4 fluids.

Does your transmission shift hard, jerk or hesitate?
Len Groom, AMSOIL INC.,

Adaptive transmissions learn your driving habits and fluid characteristics to adjust the shifts accordingly. As the fluid loses frictional properties, the computer compensates and adjusts.

A fluid with degraded frictional properties can lead to elongated, jerky or inconsistent shifts. That means it’s time for a fluid change.

Signature Series ATF
Fuel Efficient

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Multi-Vehicle ATF Fuel Efficient

Signature Series ATF

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Multi-Vehicle ATF

OE Series ATF
Fuel Efficient


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Multi-Vehicle ATF Fuel Efficient OE Series

OE Series ATF


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Multi-Vehicle ATF OE Series

Continuously Variable


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CVT Transmission FLuid

“It’s amazes me what a difference AMSOIL products make in whatever you install them in! …”

Dual Clutch


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Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

“… transmission was shifting very harsh I immediately drain and flush the trans and put DCT oil from AMSOIL, what a difference, thank you.”

Manual transmission fluids

Manual transmissions might not be as complex, but the fluid inside is just as important. If you want to find your gear smoothly and eliminate gear noise, flush it with AMSOIL regularly.

When it’s time to change transmission fluid in your manual tranny, AMSOIL Synthetic Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube is the best choice. Ideal for high-performance vehicles or passenger cars, it resists the effects of heat and oxidation for longer service life, lower friction, and the best in cold flow.

Manual Transmission &
Transaxle Gear Lube
75W-90 (MTG)

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Manual and Transaxle Gear Lube 75W90

“Feels better than the auto parts store synthetic fluid… Shifts are smooth and easy.”

“Audi A4 6 speed,… Transmission shifts so much smoother. Highly recommended!”

Manual Synchromesh
Transmission Fluid

5W-30 (MTF)

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Synchromesh Fluid 5W30

“Instantly could feel a difference in the way my car shifted.”

“Makes a whole world of difference, shifts like butter!”

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