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When limping your car along won’t cut it

High Mileage XL Series Synthetic Oil Change

Keep motoring with an AMSOIL high mileage oil change

You love your car. After years of ownership and hundreds of thousands of kilometers, you don’t have any plans to replace it. But owning a high-mileage car can be fraught with expensive repairs if it isn’t cared for properly. Fouled spark plugs from oil consumption, worn internal components from friction, and oil starvation from sludge-blocked oil galleries can change your plans and force your car into retirement. However, routine AMSOIL high mileage oil changes can extend your engine’s life and, in many cases, reverse some of the symptoms you experience.

What exactly is a high mileage oil change? It varies according to a vehicle’s use. It could be 20,000 km of hard city driving or 200,000 to 500,000 km or more of a city-highway combination. Whether your vehicle currently has high mileage or you expect to drive it until it does, choosing the right oil is imperative to prevent unexpected and unavoidable issues. AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil is perfect for these situations, using higher quality additives than the competitors like Mobil 1 high mileage and Pennzoil high mileage oils. In fact, AMSOIL XL Synthetic oil with boosted additives ranks at the top of the class.

Symptoms of high-mileage vehicles

Does synthetic oil fix oil consumption issues?

A symptom of high-mileage vehicles is that they can burn oil, simply due to worn cylinder walls and piston rings. Microscopic gaps allow oil droplets into the combustion chamber where they burn, contaminating the fuel injectors, valves, catalytic converter, and more. The mechanical correction required is expensive and time-consuming, tearing apart the engine and replacing worn parts to restore tolerances to like-new.

A high mileage oil change doesn’t correct the wear and tear, but the uniform particles can often provide a better seal between the piston and cylinder walls, minimizing the oil consumption you experience. It can even help wash away soot and carbon that’s built up inside a high-mileage engine.

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Benefits of AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Extended Life Synthetic Motor oil is engineered for long-lasting protection, even for models with direct injection and turbochargers, and is designed for intervals up to 19,300 km or one year. It’s 64% more resistant to oil breakdown and boosted additives have up to 25% more cleaning power than lesser oils like Valvoline Maxlife full synthetic. And due to lower friction inside the engine, you’ll maximize fuel economy as well.

Duo to its top-tier protection, AMSOIL XL Motor Oil is ideal for a summer/winter oil change whether you have high mileage or simply want the benefits of extended service intervals.

XL 0W-20
100% Synthetic Oil


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0W20 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

XL 5W-20
100% Synthetic Oil


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5W20 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

XL 5W-30
100% Synthetic Oil


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5W30 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

XL 10W-30
100% Synthetic Oil


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10W30 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

XL 10W-40
100% Synthetic Oil


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10W40 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

Choose AMSOIL XL for your next oil change

Boosted Protection for High Mileage Oil Changes

The best choice for those who want something extra for their vehicle. Boosted additives deliver the extra wear protection you are looking for with excellent high- and low-temperature protection. The XL Series also delivers exceptional fuel economy. Perfect for advanced automotive technology, including turbos and direct injection allowing you to go up to 19,300 kilometers or one year between oil changes.

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