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Motorhome and RV

RV maintenance keeps repairs at bay

Time is the enemy of motorhomes and RVs. You drive for a few weeks a year or, at most, a few months before your RV is parked until the following year. It isn’t the time you’ve driven it that factors into an RV maintenance regimen since those miles are relatively light. Although your recreational vehicle doesn’t accumulate many miles each year, it’s subjected to some of the harshest conditions possible: internal oxidation, oil drain-back, and contamination from sitting.

What happens as it sits can be devastating. As oil runs back into the pan and moisture works its way into wheel bearings and suspension joints, pitting and rust form. It takes a calculated RV maintenance plan using the best of lubrication to keep damaging corrosion at bay from year to year. That’s where AMSOIL factors in.

Protection for your RV’s moving parts

Your RV manufacturer’s maintenance standards don’t take inactive time into consideration. An oil change may be recommended every 5,000 km or once per year according to the owner’s manual, but what happens if you’re nowhere close to the mileage in a 12-month span? And what of the 10 months it sits without starting or driving?

AMSOIL protects all the moving components in your RV Service Life
AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oil (1) One Year
AMSOIL Ea® Engine Oil Filter (1) One Year
AMSOIL Engine Coolant (5) Five Years
AMSOIL Gear/ Axle Lubricants (3) Three Years
AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid 2X’s the OEM interval

40,000 kms (or) 1 year service interval -change it and forget it until next year

Signature Series Motor Oil

For your RV oil change, choose AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor oil and an Ea® Oil Filter. AMSOIL is proven to provide a longer-lasting coating on internal engine components, keeping an oil barrier to resist corrosion and pitting while preventing wear and tear from friction.

Signature Series

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0W20 Signature Motor Oil

Signature Series

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5W30 Signature Motor Oil

Signature Series

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10W30 Signature Motor Oil

Ea15k & EaO®
Extended Life
Oil Filter

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Long Life Oil Filter

2X’s the vehicle’s owners manual drain interval

Signature Series automatic transmission fluids

With extended times between drives, your transmission will benefit from AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. Whether towing with your RV on a road trip or sitting for months on end, AMSOIL transmission fluid protects for up to twice as long as OEM-spec ATF.

Fuel Efficient

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Multi-Vehicle ATF Fuel Efficient


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Multi-Vehicle ATF

Find the best fluid for your RV easily

Are you looking to make your RV maintenance as streamlined as possible?


Set up a free MyAMSOILGarage account with AMSOIL to track your fluids and filters at a click. Find a complete listing of all the best long-life service lubricants and filters for your RV and fast shipped right to your door!

Three year service interval

SEVERE GEAR® for RV differentials

Change your differential oil with AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR oil to reduce friction while driving cross country, eliminate gear noise, and protect against rust for up to three years longer than OEM oils.

Severe Gear®

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Severe Gear® 75W90

Severe Gear®

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Severe Gear®75W110

Severe Gear®

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Severe Gear® 75W140

Severe Gear®

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Severe Gear® 80W90

RV Engine Coolant

Even your RV cooling system can benefit. Change your engine coolant every five years when you choose AMSOIL coolant.

RV Chassis Grease

Keep your tie rod ends, ball joints, and u-joints at their best with the protection of synthetic Polymeric and Multi-Purpose grease formulas.

Low Toxicity
Antifreeze Engine

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Engine Coolant - Antifreeze Engine Coolant


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Engine Coolant Boost

Polymeric Chassis

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Polymeric Grease NLGI#2

Multi-Purpose NLGI#2

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Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI#2
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