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When did you last change the compressor oil?

Compressor oil

Air compressors need some love too

When was the last time you changed your air compressor oil? If you’re like most shop managers or DIYers, a compressor oil change isn’t on your radar. There’s a solid chance you’d need to check the label for the compressor oil type that’s in your unit. But like any other motor, lubrication is key to keeping your compressor from seizing or piling up, requiring either a costly rebuild or an even more time-consuming and expensive compressor head replacement. 

When choosing air compressor oil, Canadian Tire might be the go-to supplier but you won’t be getting the best oil your money can buy. And why does that matter? Simply, it’s because most people are going to either miss or drag out their next compressor oil change again. And that’s exactly why AMSOIL air compressor oil is the best investment for your shop’s equipment.

Why choose AMSOIL compressor oils?

The main benefit, of course, is keeping your compressor head from failing before its time. However, AMSOIL compressor oils offer even more benefit than longer life and less service: 

  • Cooler operation. With AMSOIL air compressor oil, less heat is produced from friction and the head runs cooler – often cool enough to touch.
  • Quieter operation. Compared to standard compressor oils from Ingersoll-Rand and other suppliers, your compressor will likely run noticeably quieter.
  • Long service life. With up to 8,000 hours between services, you’ll save downtime and maintenance costs on your compressor by using AMSOIL compressor oil. 

AMSOIL PC Series Oil uses synthetic base oils and anti-oxidant additives to protect against varnish, acid formation, and carbon buildup in the compressor head. It last longer than petroleum-based oils, particularly in extreme temperatures. 

ISO 32, SAE 10W

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Compressor oil ISO 32, 10W

ISO 46, SAE 20

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Compressor oil ISO 46, SAE20

ISO 68, SAE 30

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Compressor oil ISO68, SAE30

ISO 100, SAE 30/40

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Compressor oil ISO 100, SAE 30/40

Industrial Compressor

Compressor oil ISO 32-46AMSOIL SIROCCO synthetic compressor oil is formulated as a cost-effective alternative to Sullair and Ingersoll-Rand oils. With a higher flash fire and auto-ignite point, it’s the ideal replacement for both Ingersoll-Rand SSR Ultra Coolant and Sullair Sullube 32 Compressor Fluid. It’s compatible with ISO 32 and ISO 46 fluids.

Compressor Oil – ISO-32/42

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