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Diesel engine oil for older emission standards

Protect Older Diesel Truck Engines Like No Other

It’s the last of a legacy. Whether you drive the 7.3 Powerstroke, a Dodge Cummins, or an LBZ Duramax, the workhouse power plant under your hood hasn’t failed you yet. Running powerfully without the complicated DPF system that newer trucks use and operating without micromanaging electronics, it’s the right truck for your hauling, towing, or business needs. And you can keep it that way with diesel engine oil that protects better than any other: AMSOIL.

Whether you can’t bear to give up the truck, you can work on yourself, or you’re avoiding the complications that come with modern diesel particulate filter regeneration, using AMSOIL will help you keep your engine at its best for longer between rebuilds.

Are you looking for an oil change for an older semi-truck diesel engine? AMSOIL® ships directly to customers. Use this Lookup to search our product database for your semi-truck oil change supplies. You will find options for viscosity grades, engine oil filters, diesel fuel additives and other popular products for semi trucks.

Diesel synthetic oil lookup for semi trucks

AMSOIL® | The Fleet Manger's Secret to Longevity in Diesel Engines

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Want to keep your company’s diesel engine repairs at bay? Is the price worth it for the best oil for diesel engines? You’ll believe it when your engine outlasts the expected rebuild interval, possibly more than once. Fill your engines with the AMSOIL synthetic oil for older diesel engines, known as the best on the market for aging diesel engine oil change servicing.

When you buy several truck lubricants and supplies, take advantage of fleet discounts for commercial business orders. Once you submit the commercial business form, we will email you to confirm your online access to your new business account for B2B pricing and easy product ordering. Then, all that’s left is to start saving on your truck lubricants.

Lower friction and better combustion chamber sealing can lead to improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Does Synthetic Oil Perform in Older Diesel Semi Trucks?

Sure, diesel oil gets dark almost immediately. But is it still protecting your engine as well as it could? Your next synthetic diesel engine oil change can boost fuel efficiency, keep your emissions low and ensure that your engine is clean. Synthetics don’t contain the impurities that are usually present in petroleum-based oils, so it helps to make sure that all the components in your engine move smoothly and without any hiccups.

If you’d rather avoid the hassle around filter issues and the “clean diesel” buzz, AMSOIL can ensure your pre-2007 truck keeps running. Products such as Series 3000 synthetic oil for diesel engines can reduce the soot deposits that clog your EGR and enhance the endurance of the turbocharger. Because an oil-starved turbo isn’t long for this world…

Even when under extreme load and while climbing hills, Series 3000 diesel oil performs better and provides longer drain intervals, improved fuel economy due to lower friction, and enhanced combustion chamber sealing for reduced emissions and oil consumption – all of which are advantages of using AMSOIL.

High mileage semi truck engines- synthetic oil for older diesel engines

You’ll find the right fit, from long-hauler semi-truck engines and turbo diesel trucks like the GMC Duramax.

For older diesel truck engines that need API Ratings like:
API CI-4+, CI-4, CH-4, CF, CF-2

  • AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel & Marine Motor Oil
  • AMSOIL Series 3000 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil
  • AMSOIL Premium Protection Synthetic Motor Oil

Find Synthetic Oil for Older Diesel Trucks and Semi Truck Engines

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By including AMSOIL in your older diesel engine oil change service packages, you can offer your customers the best oil for a stress-free and reliable solution. Adding AMSOIL to your shelves provides your customers with high-grade diesel engine oil, allowing them to feel confident and relaxed.

Integrating new vendors into your accounting system can be challenging, but AMSOIL makes it easy. If you have any questions or concerns about our B2B – Retail business form, please don’t hesitate to ask.

After you complete the Retail business form, we will email you to confirm your online access to your new Retail business account for B2B pricing and easy product ordering. Then, all that’s left is to offer your customers the best in semi truck oil changes with AMSOIL diesel engine oil and other popular products they’ve been looking for.

Diesel truck engines can improve fuel economy and maintain low emissions.

Keep Older Diesel Truck Engines Running With Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic diesel engine oil is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to meet or exceed the requirements commonly found in your owner’s manuals. It has earned the additional “Resource Conserving” designation from the API fuel-economy testing. The AMSOIL brand is recommended for both older and modern emissions-control systems.

AMSOIL has proven to keep engines running like new longer.

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Synthetic diesel engine oil for high mileage semi truck engines

AMSOIL Premium Protection synthetic motor oil is the best oil for diesel engines with a unique combination of synthetic base oils and a superior additive package that exceeds the requirements of most gasoline or diesel applications that call for 10W-40 or 20W-50 motor oil. The Premium Protection line of synthetic motor oils is perfect for high-mileage vehicles and high-stress vehicles subject to hot temperatures, heavy hauling, trailer pulling, or off-road use. They provide the extra anti-wear protection required by engines with flat-tappet cams and high-tension valve springs. Benefits include:

  • High-zinc formula guards against wear
  • Ideal for flat-tappet cams
  • Resists deposits to help keep engines clean
  • Convenient for gas and diesel engines

SAE 15W40
Diesel and Marine Oil

Customer Review

diesel marine

Neutralizes acids and controls soot thickening

Premium Protection
20W-50 Diesel

Customer Review

Diesel Engine 20W50
  • High-zinc formula
  • Ideal for flat-tappet cams

Premium Protection
10W-40 Diesel

Customer Review

Diesel Engine 10W40
  • High-zinc formula
  • Ideal for flat-tappet cams

Find The Best Synthetic Oil for High-Mileage Semi Truck Diesel Engines


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