Fork Oil

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Fork Oil

Enhance your motorcycle's control with the best fork oil

Do you know how many times your suspension travels in and out every minute? Whether you’re riding your Softail on the highway or pounding dirt trails on a Yamaha, the forks rebound thousands of times every 60 seconds. While it’s something you rarely think about, the fluid-charged cylinders that carry your weight and the vehicle’s weight combined are doing some seriously hard work. The fork oil can get frothy, contaminated by moisture, or lose its lubricity over time and with heat, and you can feel the difference.

Fortunately, it’s a condition that doesn’t have to be permanent. Changing the shock oil on your motorcycle and off-road vehicles can rejuvenate the handling you used to have and add years more life to your suspension system, and it all starts with AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid

Shock Therapy® fork oil improves handling

Like any lubricant or hydraulic fluid, hard use can change how the fluid inside performs. Heat tends to deteriorate a fluid’s viscosity resulting in a soft suspension feel as it gushes through shock chambers. Foaming contributes to a choppy, inconsistent rebound and moisture can darken and deteriorate the fluid quickly.

AMSOIL Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid reverses the symptoms and restores the suspension in your snowmobile or bike immediately. Whether you’re fighting the differences that temperature changes make, you’re performing routine service by changing fork oil for your Harley, or you’re topping up after fork seal replacement, you’ll be amazed when you fill up the shocks with AMSOIL.

Available in two grades, #5 Light and #10 Medium, use the right fluid for your suspension year-round.

Suspension Fluid
#5 Light

Customer Review

Shock Therapy #5 light

Suspension Fluid
#10 Medium

Customer Review

Shock Therapy #10 medium

Customer Review

I was recommended this shock oil by a few people to rebuild my 250ES front forks. Wow! What a difference! I guess 37 years on the Original Honda fluid was pushing it!

When does motorcycle suspension oil need to be changed?

How often should you change fork oil on a Harley? What about a snowmobile’s suspension or a dirt bike or ATV’s shock oil? Those questions are anything but straightforward. While maintenance is required for fork oil, the interval varies greatly according to the manufacturer’s service schedule. For some, it’s once per year or every 10,000 km while others are every two to five years or up to 50,000 km. Follow your manufacturer’s schedule using the best fluid there is, AMSOIL.

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