Power Steering

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Power Steering

Precision steering with clean (and quiet) power steering fluid

Many power steering systems today still use fluid pressure for power assist. Hydraulic fluid cycles through the power gears and valves reduce the effort required to turn the wheels. But that fluid, like any oil, doesn’t protect in all conditions. Heat can cause it to lose viscosity while cold weather can be too thick, causing whining noises and potential pressure hose blowouts. And then there’s the hot weather whine…

Some fluids can mitigate some of the symptoms such as automatic transmission fluid, but the best protection is with fully synthetic steering fluid from AMSOIL. Experience quiet steering maneuvers and smooth, effortless turns while reducing the wear and tear on the rack and pinion and other parts.

Multi-vehicle synthetic power steering fluid

As always, AMSOIL doesn’t create a product if it won’t exceed every other fluid’s capabilities. AMSOIL Synthetic Power Steering Fluid does exactly that, formulated with friction-reduction properties and excellent lubricity while remaining fluid in the coldest driving conditions. All the while, it conditions seals to prolong your vehicle’s steering components including the pump and steering rack.

In cold weather, AMSOIL power steering fluid flows well to prevent stiff steering and excessive pressure that can burst hoses. In hot weather, it continues to lubricate, resisting the telltale whine. No other fluid compares or should be found in your fluid reservoir.

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How often should power steering fluid be changed?

Routine maintenance should include power steering fluid flushes at regular intervals. It’s important to check your owner’s manual for the recommended time frame, but most systems should have the fluid exchange every 2 years or 40,000 km. It’s also best to check your power steering fluid level and check the level of the fluid. If it’s brown or black or has particles suspended in it, it’s time to change it.

What happens if you don’t change the fluid? Without the proper protection in place, internal gears and valves can wear prematurely. You could experience choppy steering, a pull to one side, lack of assist, noise or leaks. However, that’s all easily avoided by using AMSOIL in your power steering.

Power Steering Fluid

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Power Steering Fluid

One fluid for all your vehicles

Milti-Vehicle Applications

  • Formulated for quiet operation and reliable wear protection
  • Reduces friction
  • Helps seals remain soft to prevent leaks
  • Resists heat for long fluid life
  • Strong anti-wear protection
  • Excellent high-temperature protection and low-temperature performance
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