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Racing Car Driver Stefan Rzadzinski

No holding back – AMSOIL gives you the good stuff

DOMINATOR® 10W30You live a quarter-mile at a time. Whether it’s a sub-ten-second run or a 15-second pull down the track, you’re demanding every single horsepower from your racing car’s engine – that’s what racing is all about. The internal stress, friction, and heat is often more than your typical engine oil can withstand resulting in more engine teardowns, overhauls, and engine failures. Professional racing car teams understand and specially formulated oils from their sponsors. But when you race as an amateur or novice, what are YOU getting?

AMSOIL DOMINATOR® racing car oil is formulated for the most strenuous demands you can ask of your engine. What you get as a consumer is the exact formulation used by professional drivers and teams nationwide, giving you the same outstanding wear resistance and performance, liter by liter.

BGR Team Sponsor

Synthetic Lubricants/ AMSOIL® Dealer Dale Cox, sponsored Stefan Rzadzinski for the 2009 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge Series.

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May 9-10, 2009

“I am very pleased with the way this weekend went. It is fantastic to get a double podium in my first formula car event. Brian Graham Racing is a top level team and their assistance in the transition from karts to cars was extremely valuable. Without The ABL Group, SuperTint, AMSOIL/SyntheticLubricants.ca and all of my supporters, this event would not have been possible. I look forward to the rest of the season and will resume focusing on developing as a young driver.” Stefan Rzadzinski.

Class of competition:  

  • Ontario Formula Ford Challenge Series
  • F1200 Championship

Race Vehicle:

  • (4) FF1600 cars in the Ontario Formula Ford Challenge
  • (2) FF2000 cars in the Pro F2000 Series


2009 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge Series Schedule:

  • May 09 – 10 , Mosport
  • May 30 – 31 , Shannonville
  • June 13 – 14 , Mosport
  • July 25 – 26 , Calabogie
  • August 08 – 09 , Mosport
  • September 19 – 20 , Mosport
  • ** September 25-26 Tremblant Race Track

The F1200 Championship schedule:

  • May 30-31 , Shannonville
  • Jun 27 – 28 , Mosport
  • Jul 25 – 26 , Calabogie
  • Aug 8 – 9 , Mosport
  • Sep 19 – 20 , Mosport
  • Oct 3 – 4 CASC , Mosport
Brian Stewart Racing

Sefan Rzadzinski, OFFC runner-up and Rookie-of-the-Year has received the Brian Stewart Racing Award. This prestigious award package includes a Bell helmet, a custom-made Hinchman driving suit as well as a formal mentoring program.

“I’m extremely excited and honored to receive the Brian Stewart Racing Award after finishing the Championship Runner-Up in the Ontario Formula Ford Challenge. With the intention of becoming a professional racing driver, this is an excellent opportunity to develop my skills and be mentored by a Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee. I have to thank Brian Stewart Racing for this great opportunity, and I look forward to being a part of the Brian Racing Family in 2010!” Stefan Rzadzinski.

Racing engine oils for all applications

Whether you run a high-octane stock car or a forced-air diesel truck, when the tree lights up green there’s no time to question your engine oil. AMSOIL has formulations for racing and high-performance cars and trucks of all kinds. DOMINATOR® racing oil has a proprietary friction modifier that optimizes your horsepower while anti-wear additives keep a protective barrier between moving parts.DOMINATOR 20W50

With AMSOIL DOMINATOR® racing oils, the absolute best in bearing protection under extreme pressures and temperatures ensures lasting performance, even if you’re changing oil after every pull. And with better tolerance against fuel dilution, you can put the hammer down confidently.

The best in protection for race car engines

5W-20 (RD20)

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10W-40 (RD40)

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10W-40 Dominator synthetic racing oil

15W-50 (RD50)

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SAE 60(RD60)

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Go-kart racing engines get some love too

If your race car is a single-seat cage just inches from the ground, AMSOIL has you covered too. Go-kart racing, competitive or amateur, requires top-quality lubrication to wring every last bit of power from a small-displacement motor. AMSOIL Briggs & Stratton Synthetic 4T Racing Oil is engineered to reduce energy loss from engine friction, releasing more horsepower from a lightweight oil. Better suited for high temperatures and more resistant to power-robbing sludge and deposits, AMSOIL is the best choice for go-kart racers.

Briggs & Stratton
4T Racing Oil


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Briggs & Stratton 4T Racing
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