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Marine engine oil

Jetski motor oil for the summertime win

Jetski and boat maintenance gets a bad rap. The acronym Break Out Another Thousand has been used to describe what many believe ownership to be like for watercraft, but that’s typically due to engine issues that require extensive repairs and emergency service so they can get back to their vacation quickly. In many climates, oil changes for jetskis and other watercraft are done once per season even if operation exceeds the number of hours between services. When that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense to use the best oil for the job?

Automotive-grade engine oil doesn’t meet the stringent standards required for high-RPM engines in a high-moisture environment. Using an NMMA FC-W rated oil is the only sufficient lubricant for jetskis to prevent internal rust and corrosion that can severely lower its serviceable life and reliability. AMSOIL not only offers 4-stroke oil to meet those standards – it exceeds them in every way.

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Motorboat engine oils for the ultimate protection

Whether you own a 2-stroke outboard or a 4-stroke inboard or outboard, it will cost thousands to fix any motor issues that occur. For outboard and inboard motors, proper lubrication is the only way to prevent loss of power and devastating failures, especially when you’re away from the dock.

AMSOIL provides an impressive alternative to OEM oils for motorboats that can keep your boat on the water longer and extend its reliability between boating seasons. Our synthetic 2-stroke injector oil and Marine Synthetic 2-stroke E-TEC oil provide awesome wear and corrosion resistance while emitting less smoke in the exhaust due to complete burns. It also prevents plug fouling and exhaust port clogs. 4-stroke Synthetic Marine engine oils are available in 10W30 and 25W40 with superior performance, shear stability, and corrosion resistance whether you have a speedboat or a fishing runabout.

4-Stroke Marine
10W30 (WCT)

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10W-30 marine

4-Stroke Marine
10W-40 (WCF)

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10w-40 marine

4-Stroke Marine
25W-40 (WCM)

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25W-40 marine

Diesel Marine
10W-40 (AME)

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diesel marine

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Black Finish
Oil Filter (EaOM)

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Chrome Finish
Oil Filter (EaOMC)

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Protect it with AMSOIL

AMSOIL HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is an advanced formula that prevents piston and cylinder bore scuffing, low smoke, and fantastic performance mixed at 50:1. It can be used in all marine applications including Evinrude E-TEC motors.

AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Engine Oil is formulated for 4-stroke engines run by boaters, watersports lovers, and high-performance speedboaters. Compatible with all PWC and motorboats running a 4-stroke motor, it reduces wear and extends service intervals to 2X the OEM or once per year.

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For watercraft retailers, your customers will appreciate the added protection of AMSOIL on your shelves. Add AMSOIL to your product listings and ensure your customers are the happiest owners on the water.AMSOIL Sold Here

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2-Stroke HP
Marine (HPM)

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25W-40 marine

2-Stroke Injector
Marine Oil (AIO)

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2-stroke injector oil

2-Stroke 100:1
Pre-Mix Marine (ATO)

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100 to 1 premix

Saber® Professional
100:1  (ATP)

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SABER 100 :1 fuel oil mix for 2-stroke engines

Marine Gear Lube
75W-90 (AGM)

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marine gear lube
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