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Commercial Small Power Engine

Keep Your small engine out of the repair shop

Professional-grade equipment is an investment. Whether you operate a property services company with snowblowers, lawn mowers, and other powered equipment or you’re a homeowner who demands the best, gas-powered tools are intended to make the job easier and complete it better. But that only happens if you can keep them running at their best and out of the small engine repair shop.

AMSOIL full synthetic motor oils are designed for that purpose. Regardless of which power equipment company you choose for your implements, the right oil will prevent unnecessary wear and tear, increase fuel economy, and lower oil additive costs.

Why do you need AMSOIL for your power equipment?

why synthetic oilPerformance tested against popular oil brands and the equipment you trust, AMSOIL is proven to protect power equipment better than the competition. When your equipment rental customers demand that their tools start reliably and your golf course groundskeeping crews can’t take even a day off for a mower’s small engine repair, it becomes more important than ever to invest in preventative maintenance – namely, the best in engine oils.

AMSOIL has uniform molecular structure for reducing friction, optimizing fuel usage, and coating components to better control temperature, especially in air-cooled power equipment. Why leave it to chance with conventional oils?

4-stroke commercial grade engine oil

A customer who uses AMSOIL says, “it has reduced my oil consumption from 2 quarts per season to nothing per season.” They aren’t alone. AMSOIL 4-stroke full-synthetic engine oil does reduce oil consumption which, in turn, reduces spark plug fouling, and there’s more. Engines run cooler and quieter, plus internal components in seasonal equipment are better coated against corrosion in the off-season.

The time-tested results include:

  • Lower friction to maximize engine power and reduce fuel consumption
  • Long-lasting protection for up to 200 hours, reducing maintenance costs
  • Lasting part coverage to prevent rust, pitting, and gouges
  • Extended engine life for fewer costly breakdowns

Commercial Grade 100% Synthetic Oil for Small Engines

AMSOIL has four viscosities of commercial-grade 100% Synthetic small engine oil to choose from – 5W30, 10W30, 10W40, and 15W50. No matter what 4-stroke power equipment you’re running from pressure washers to generators and lawncare equipment, there’s one that works for you.

15W50 small engine oil*New Product for 4-Stroke Commercial Engines

Commercial Grade 15W-50

The new AMSOIL 15W-50 synthetic commercial grade engine oil is designed for multiple small-engine applications, including those made by; Briggs & Stratton®, Kawasaki® and Kohler®.

Small Engine

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5W30 small engine oil

Small Engine

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10W30 small engine oil

Small Engine

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10W40 small engine oil

Small Engine

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15W50 small engine oil

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2-stroke commercial grade engine lubricant

For 2-stroke engines, lubrication for internal engine components comes from pre-mixing oil and gas. Low-grade conventional and synthetic blend oils can foul spark plugs, clog exhaust ports, and plug up spark arrestors that require a visit to your small engine maintenance and repair shop. With AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic 2-stroke, your equipment will not only last longer but run cleaner and more efficiently.

Saber 100 to 1 mixSABER is mixed at just 100:1 to gasoline – half of what most oils recommend. Yet, SABER’s proven to better protect against wear, fouling, sticking piston rings, and blocked exhaust ports, all while being smokeless. SABER keeps engine parts cleaner and stabilizes fuel while it’s in storage as well.

SABER Professional
100:1 Fuel/ Oil Mix


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SABER 100 :1 fuel oil mix for 2-stroke engines

Bar & Chain Oil


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Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Fuel System Cleaner


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Quickshot® Fuel System Cleaner

Gasoline Stabilizer
up to 12 months


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petrol stabilizer
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