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You’ll replace your underwear more often than engine oil

Signature Series Best Synthetic Motor Oil

The best synthetic oil change starts with the best ingredients

It’s often asked, “Which synthetic oil is best?” For nearly 50 years, the answer has been AMSOIL. Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil has been the leader, bringing the first API-qualified synthetic oil to market and never letting up since. What you get today is still the highest quality formula as in 1972, and AMSOIL still backs Signature Series with a 40,000km rating. Bar none, it’s the finest oil change you can buy.

You might’ve heard a little story from 1998. Mobil® took Castrol® to court over their looser definition of ‘synthetic’. Like most blending companies, their base stock began with conventional oil rather than from pure chemicals. That lawsuit was unfruitful, and Mobil soon joined Castrol in producing a lower-quality product to compete.

Unlike the competition, AMSOIL continues to use pure base oils for Signature Series motor oil. While it might be called ‘over-engineered’, that’s exactly how we like it. It’s for those who want the absolute best synthetic oil change, no exception.

100% Synthetic


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0W20 Signature Motor Oil

100% Synthetic


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0W30 Signature Motor Oil

100% Synthetic


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0W40 Signature Motor Oil

100% Synthetic


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5W20 Signature Motor Oil

100% Synthetic


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5W30 Signature Motor Oil

100% Synthetic


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10W30 Signature Motor Oil

100% Synthetic


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5W50 Signature Motor Oil

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“I switched to amsoil signature series today and I can feel the difference, truck runs so smooth now.”

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Perform a one-year oil change with the best engine oil

Why Choose AMSOIL Signature Series?

Not even the leading conventional motor oil from Chevron, Shell, or Mobil is recommended to last a full year and don’t truly produce a high-mileage oil. For up to 40,000km or one year, AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil will protect your engine against excessive wear, horsepower loss, and sludge deposits in the crankcase.

What are the benefits of using AMSOIL, the best full synthetic on the market? They include:

  • Better performance with lower friction against critical moving parts.
  • Lower oil consumption due to consistent molecular structure.
  • Easier cold starts with oil that doesn’t thicken like other oils.
  • Longer service intervals to save you time.
  • Compatible viscosities with most engines.

Perfect Pair, Signature Series with an Ea® Oil Filter

EaO FilterGet an oil change that far exceeds any modern oil life monitor by thousands of kilometers. For the unmatched protection and to take advantage of the 40,000 km one-year service interval guarantee, use the AMSOIL EaO oil filter. By filtering contaminants as small as 20 microns, EaO oil filters capture particles that could damage your engine, reducing engine wear while ensuring sufficient flow to keep your engine well lubricated.

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