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What Is The Extra in Signature Series Compared to Ordinary Motor Oil?

The foundation of an extraordinary synthetic motor oil lies in its superior ingredients. It’s often asked, “Which synthetic oil is best?” For more than 50 years, the answer has been AMSOIL® Signature Series. Since the beginning in 1972, this line of synthetic motor oil has been the leader, bringing the first API-qualified synthetic oil to the market and never letting up since. What you get today is still the highest quality formula, and AMSOIL still backs the Signature Series motor oils with a 40,000km/ 1-year rating. Bar none… it’s the finest oil change you can buy.

You might’ve heard a little story from 1998. Mobil® took Castrol® to court over their looser definition of ‘synthetic.’ Like most blending companies, their base stock began with conventional oil rather than pure chemicals. That lawsuit was unfruitful, and Mobil soon joined Castrol in producing a lower-quality product to compete.

Unlike the competition, AMSOIL continues to use pure base oils for its Signature Series motor oil lineup. While it might be called ‘over-engineered,’ that’s exactly how we like it. It’s for those who want the absolute best synthetic oil change, no exception.

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If you’re searching for premium synthetic lubricants, you might be typing “AMSOIL near me” into your search bar. AMSOIL is renowned for its high-quality products, like the robust AMSOIL 5W30, which offers unparalleled engine protection and performance. Whether you’re located in Canada’s sprawling landscapes or nestled in one of its vibrant cities, “AMSOIL Canada” is synonymous with excellence in automotive care.

To “find AMSOIL near me” or pinpoint “where to buy AMSOIL in Canada,” your best bet is to use the handy “AMSOIL lookup Locator Map” tool online. This tool connects you to an “AMSOIL Dealer near me,” making it a breeze to source your synthetic oil locally. Always look for an authorized Dealer for genuine products and informed service.

Signature Series motor oil is still the unrivalled champion after 50 years and continues to provide a one-year oil change that modern OLMs (oil life monitors) can’t measure.

Signature Series... 50 years later still the best of the best!

100% Synthetic


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0W20 Signature Motor Oil

100% Synthetic


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0W30 Signature Motor Oil

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0W40 Signature Motor Oil

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5W20 Signature Series Motor Oil

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5W30 Signature Motor Oil

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10W30 Signature Motor Oil

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5W50 Signature Motor Oil

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“I switched to amsoil signature series today and I can feel the difference, truck runs so smooth now.”

Where To Buy AMSOIL At The Best Price

Preferred Customer membership savingsThe Preferred Customer membership with AMSOIL is an excellent investment for those who take vehicle maintenance and performance seriously. It offers the distinct advantage of purchasing AMSOIL’s high-quality synthetic lubricants at wholesale prices, allowing for significant savings over time.

Members enjoy the convenience of placing orders directly with AMSOIL for their personal use, bypassing retail markup, and having access to promotions and specials that are exclusive to members. This membership is especially beneficial for those who regularly purchase premium oils, as the savings on products like the AMSOIL Signature Series can quickly offset the membership cost.

Whether you’re maintaining a personal vehicle, the family fleet, or performance machines, the Preferred Customer membership is a savvy choice for cost-effective, top-tier automotive care.

Perform a one-year oil change with the best synthetic oil.

Why Choose AMSOIL Signature Series?

Even the most popular motor oils from Chevron, Shell, or Mobil are not designed to last a full year and, when compared, won’t provide the highest level of protection. AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil will protect your engine from wear and tear, power loss and sludge accumulation in your crankcase for a period of 40,000km or one year.

What are the benefits of using AMSOIL, the best full synthetic on the market? They include:

  • Better performance with lower friction against critical moving parts.
  • Lower oil consumption due to consistent synthetic molecular structure.
  • Easier cold starts with oil that doesn’t thicken like other oils.
  • Longer service intervals to save you time.
  • Compatible viscosities with most engines.
  • Perfect pair -Signature Series motor oil and AMSOIL’s Ea® oil filter.

MyAMSOILGarageFor car owners who demand nothing but excellence, mechanics can log in to MyAMSOILGarage to access AMSOIL’s recommended fluids and filters for their customers’ upcoming oil changes and vehicle servicing. Save your search for a 2019 Ford F150, and the next time a customer inquires about the best synthetic oil, you’ll have all the information readily available at your fingertips.

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Choose an oil filter for one-year service

The Ideal Duo For Peace of Mind!

EaO FilterAMSOIL provides a premium synthetic oil change that surpasses the capabilities of modern oil life monitors by thousands of kilometres. To ensure top-tier protection and fully leverage the 40,000 km one-year service interval guarantee, incorporate the AMSOIL Ea® motor oil filter. This advanced filter captures contaminants as tiny as 20 microns and retains particles for extended periods and distances, enabling you to prolong the time between necessary oil changes significantly.

Start your search for the best synthetic oil and Ea® oil filter for your vehicle’s oil change.

What is the best way to track your oil change service and any other type of vehicle maintenance? Save your last oil change date and mileage with MyAMSOILGarage. This free online database offers quick access to products that match your vehicle, reminders for the following oil change interval, and you can easily look up your maintenance history.

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