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You won’t find a pit stop on the dirt bike trail or at the track. For professional motocross/supercross riders and amateur trail riders alike, dirt bikes are built to endure the harshest treatment you can think of. When you can’t afford even a few extra seconds on qualifier hot laps nor a missed shift climbing a hill on the trail, then you need to make sure AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil is in your crankcase.

Keep the engine and gearbox like new and performing the way it was designed. All it takes is AMSOIL in your dirt bike at your next service.

Add AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil to your shelves

Installs AMSOILRiders want the best protection possible for performance and longevity. Do you carry AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil on your shelves? Offer the switch to AMSOIL for your customers and see the difference it makes. It can be added to your product line as a premium oil change that maximizes the ownership experience. With options for motorcycles, snowmobiles, powerboats, and other powersports, add AMSOIL to your service offerings.
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AMSOIL dirt bike oil

What is the best protection for the trail or track?

Riders everywhere agree – AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil delivers the reliably, constant clutch feel and wear resistance to protect their bikes best. Regardless of brand – KTM, Yamaha, Husqvarna, Honda – it’s the oil they trust to prevent clutch wear, maintain the clutch feel, and protect their engines.

In on-track testing, our dirt bike oils dramatically reduced the wear on clutch plates after twice as many starts as the leading OEM oil. Anti-wear properties and the uniform molecular structure from our synthetic base oils inhibit wear on gears, bearings, and pistons. And with lower friction, horsepower can be used to its full potential.

Len Groom, AMSOIL INC. Powersports Expert, explains clutch-feel as an important feature of oil formulation.

The best oil needs to do several things in your bike:

  • Provide wear protection for the engine
  • Provide gear protection for the transmission
  • Provide good clutch feel

The AMSOIL difference

Unlike other manufacturers, AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil is specifically formulated for track and trail-ridden dirt bikes. Although AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil is more than sufficient to handle the tough-as-nails conditions you’ll put your dirt bike through, AMSOIL’s unique dirt bike formula targets wet clutch performance even more accurately. That’s something you won’t find on shelves anywhere else.

Worried about warranty implications? AMSOIL keeps the factory warranty intact regardless of brand, and users are also backed by the AMSOIL Limited Warranty.

Find the best dirt bike oil for your next oil change.

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Our customers have asked: “I have always used AMSOIL motorcycle oil in my dirt bike with good results. Is there any reason to switch to oils for dirt bikes?”

AMSOIL Technical: “Although AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil is perfectly suitable for dirt bikes, our synthetic dirt bike oil is formulated specifically to meet the unique demands of four-stroke dirt bikes. For example, the clutch feel and protection are dialled-in for dirt bike riders, and our synthetic motorcycle oil is formulated more to the needs of on-road motorcycles.”

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