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Semi truck transmission fluid… keeps you trucking a million miles

One highway marker after another, long haul drivers put their machines through some of the toughest workloads you can dream up. Extreme heat, maxed-out loads, frequent upshifts and downshifts – it all relies on using the best fluids in your semi’s powertrain. Nowhere is it as important to use the premium fluids as a semi truck transmission.

Whether you drive a Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, or any other make, transmission failure could cost you days of lost income and thousands in transmission repair. For fleet managers and vehicle owners alike, a small investment in AMSOIL Long-Life Synthetic Transmission Oil will not just help prevent wear and tear and breakdowns, but will improve your semi tractor’s efficiency as well.

What AMSOIL® oils do for you

After case studies and real-world testing, there’s no comparison at all. AMSOIL transmission fluid outperforms all others. Our transmission fluid shows the lowest iron content in the fluid after a half-million miles (800,000 km) signaling extremely low internal wear. Copper content is extremely low as it protects against synchro wear. It measures as the most stable oil against oxidation, even when under maximum load way beyond 100,000 miles.

What you can expect as a commercial truck owner-operator, fleet manager, or driver is a truck that:

  • Maintains its transmission fluid level better due to less leakage past seals
  • Shifts better since there’s less wear on gears and synchros
  • And smoother clutch engagement and disengagement

Even fuel efficiency is improved with lower friction inside a heavy, rotating mass when AMSOIL is used.

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Whether you have one truck or operate a fleet of hundreds of trucks, AMSOIL is an excellent way to lower repair costs from wear and tear. Set up a commercial account with AMSOIL to receive fleet discounts when you order applicable chassis fluid, engine oil and oil filters.

More about the AMSOIL Commercial business account and our solutions for semi truck lubricants.

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MyAMSOILGarageCreate a MyAMSOILGarage login with AMSOIL to find the correct fluids for your truck’s needs, including synthetic transmission fluid. With 11 distribution centers across the US and 2 in Canada, we can ship your order to any base facility or maintenance shop en route.

Semi truck transmission fluids


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Torque-Drive® Transmission Fluid

Powershift Transmission

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Powershift 10W Semi Truck Transmission Fluid

Powershift Transmission
SAE 30

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Powershift SAE 30 Semi Truck Transmission Fluid

Powershift Transmission
SAE 50

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SAE 50 Powershift Semi Truck Transmission Fluid

Long-Life Gear Lube
80W-140 (FGO)

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Semi Truck Transmission Fluid

Transmission Oil
SAE 50 (FTF)

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Long life SAE 50 Semi Truck Transmission Oil

AMSOIL SAE 50 Long-Life Transmission Oil

Use (FTF) Long-Life transmission oil for manual transmissions that require an SAE 50 lubricant. Recommended for semi truck and heavy-duty transmissions in any of the following:

  • Eaton® PS-164 Rev. 7
  • API GL-1 and MT-1
  • Navistar®/ International® TMS 6816
  • Mack® TO-A Plus
  • ZF® Freedomline
  • Meritor® 0-81
  • Rockwell®/ Eaton/Fuller® CD-50 (PS-081)

Service Life
Follow the OEM drain interval for synthetic oil up to 500,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first.

Severe Gear® with extreme pressure (EP) modifiers


Synthetic EP Gear Lube maintains its viscosity for long-lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact. The proprietary AMSOIL additives form an iron-sulfide barrier coating on gear surfaces, providing the ultimate line of defense against wear, pitting and scoring.

Severe Gear®

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Severe Gear® 75W90

Severe Gear®

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Severe Gear®75W110

Severe Gear®

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Severe Gear® 75W140

Longer service life, best protection & improve MPG!

The transmission fluids you need for any semi truck

It doesn’t matter if your semi truck has a manual transmission, automatic transmission, or an AMT transmission, you’ll benefit from the AMSOIL brand of fluid on the transmission dipstick.

  • AMSOIL Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid is designed to meet – and exceed – the specifications of Powershift and manual transmissions as well as wet brakes and final drives. It features superior friction performance and additives to prevent wear and sludge formation while keeping the fluid pourable in cold temperatures.
  • AMSOIL Torque-Drive Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is designed for Allision, Voith, ZF and additional semi-truck transmissions for smooth clutch engagement and protection in extreme temperatures.

Don’t forget to grab AMSOIL transmission flush additives to clean your transmission more completely. As well, discover AMSOIL engine oils, coolants, and other fluids to keep your truck at its best.

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