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European car and truck maintenance requires the right oil

European car and truck oil change servicing is crucial. For some brands like BMW, factory oil consumption tolerances are up to 1L per 1,000km, and oil and filter change intervals tend to be slightly longer than for American vehicles. Left unchecked, that can mean running low on oil, increased friction, or catastrophic failures. It’s easy to see how European car drivers can spend more on maintenance and repairs than others.

Even more stringent are European emissions standards. Finely tuned emissions controls and catalytic converters reduce the environmental pollutants spewing out the tailpipe, but that requires oil that won’t damage pre-cats and catalytic converters or contaminate sensors. Fortunately, AMSOIL has developed an advanced European motor oil blend that is 100% synthetic and addresses some of the most prevalent concerns.

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How AMSOIL beats the competition

AMSOIL only puts their name on the best oils and lubricants. Period. AMSOIL 100% Synthetic European Motor Oils live up to that standard. From the six European motor oils they make, you’ll find one that works for your vehicle. Benefits include:

  • Excellent anti-wear additives and shear-stable synthetic base oils.
  • Durability in extreme temperatures.
  • Long service intervals.
  • Class-leading protection against SAPS.
  • Reduced oil consumption and extended engine life.
  • Protection for turbochargers.

Benefits of using European car oil for European car brands

Synthetic European Motor Oil

For both diesel applications and gasoline-powered cars, it’s crucial to use the right fluids for your car to last. Because most European car brands have longer service intervals, a conventional oil for non-import models won’t live up to the expectations. Often intervals can be as long as 20,000km, and conventional oil loses its viscosity, cleaning properties, and shear stability long before then, resulting in wear and tear. And sulphated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur content (SAPS) tends to be much higher in non-euro automotive oils, contributing to higher emissions.

Using European automotive oils effectively allows you to follow manufacturer-recommended service intervals while keeping your emissions components working at their best.

Designed for European gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

European Car and Truck Oil Change


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