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Farm Tractor Equipment

Farm tractor equipment runs better on AMSOIL

Your farm runs on multi-million-dollar equipment. Whether you’re turning a field under or stacking bales, you’re depending on PTO performance, unmitigated horsepower, and lifting power to be there when you need it. You can’t afford a breakdown to interrupt productivity.

The tools you’ve chosen for your farm are a massive investment often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each. Keep them working at their best with lubricants and fluids from AMSOIL including diesel engine oil, bearing grease, and hydraulic fluid. By choosing the best products to maintain your farm equipment, you’ll prevent money-burning downtime and repairs that could cost thousands – not to mention a visit from your local tractor repair shop!

Your "right to repair" includes AMSOIL

Your farm equipment is costly, and it certainly shouldn’t be disposable. The Right to Repair movement advocates for farmers and machine operators to have access to the software and tools to fix their own equipment. AMSOIL stands with farmers.

Whether you’re maintaining your aging farm equipment to keep it in service longer or you’re looking for compatible fluids for your new machinery, you’ll find the products you need with AMSOIL.

  • 100% Synthetic diesel motor oil will prevent wear inside your engine for longer maintenance intervals and lower rates of wear.
  • Synthetic Polymeric Grease is formulated to withstand the highest pressures while repelling moisture and contaminants.
  • Diesel fuel additives prevent gelling in cold weather and break down fuel system deposits to keep your engine running strong and smooth.

Best hydraulic oil for agriculture

It’s more than just breakdowns that cost you time and money. Cracked, leaking, and blown hydraulic hoses in the field can contaminate your field and equipment, requiring a major clean-up. AMSOIL ISO-46 Biodegradable Hydraulic oil is vegetable-based and provides the absolute fastest biodegradation in the market today without compromising on protection.

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid meets the highest standards to prevent environmental hazards for use in applications that demand any of the following fluids specifications:

  • Pw1 Ultimate Biodegradability (ASTM D5864)
  • OECD 301B Readily Biodegradable
  • Vessel General Permit (VGM) Compliant
  • EN 16807: European Standard

Like other AMSOIL fluids, it’s fully synthetic for uniform molecular sizes to maintain your hydraulic pumps, motors, and other farm machinery. Users say it quiets their machinery too, since its load-bearing ability is tested at 3,000 PSI compared to conventional products at 800 to 1,000 PSI.

It’s simply better, and better for you.

Farm Tractor Equipment

Set up for a commercial farm account today

Use our Commercial business account for farm tractors and off-road vehicles, and receive valuable discounts on the lubricants you need to maintain your farm equipment.

Setting up a Commercial account is easy, with no hidden fees or minimum orders. You gain easy access to the full line of AMSOIL products, allowing you to track your purchase history easily. You also have free access to MyAMSOILGarage to establish maintenance interval reminders for your farm fleet.

It takes time and energy to manage your farm or ranch, let AMSOIL be your lubricant expert. Increase equipment life and reduce its downtime on needles repairs by implementing a maintenance program centered on AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.

Specialized advice from AMSOIL

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are formulated to increase equipment life while reducing the cost of ownership. For operators that need their equipment to last for generations choose AMSOIL for its proven performance in farm machinery. Day to day maintenance of oil changes, filter elements and including oil analysis sampling.

As a registered Commercial/ Agriculture Farming account, you have access to AMSOIL’s technical services for advice about specialized lubricants and finding the right warranty secure equivalent AMSOIL product for farm tractors and equipment.

Tractor Hydraulic/ Transmission
SAE 5W-30 (ATH)

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Hydraulic Tractor Transmission

20W-50 (AHF)

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Hydrostatic Transmission

WIX Oil Filters

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WIX Oil Filters

Donaldson P-Series
Hydraulic Filters

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Hydraulic Filter

Other great products from AMSOIL

AMSOIL has products that enhance performance, longevity, durability, and fuel economy. For farming equipment, that includes:

  • Diesel All-In-One to clean diesel fuel injectors, reduce cold-weather gelling, and boost cetane to elevate performance.
  • Severe Gear and Long Life Synthetic gear lube for optimal bearing protection and high-load lubrication.
  • Engine oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and transmission oil filters for most heavy-duty applications.
  • Diesel and Petrol engine oil 100% synthetic for new and older engines.
  • See the Factory-Direct Catalogue for more great products for your farm equipment maintenance.
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