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Snowmobile oils for maximum protection against wear

Riders everywhere know the sounds, smells, and common issues with snowmobiles. Whether backcountry riding a Polaris or Yamaha sled or snowmobiling on groomed trails with an Arctic Cat or Skidoo machine, savvy riders always carry extra oil. Should the oil injection run dry, the potential for serious mechanical problems is exponentially higher, from piston scuffing and bearing wear to a seized engine that has to be replaced.

Typical OEM 2-stroke oils can offer decent lubrication for the average snow machine, but plugs foul routinely and deposits form on exhaust ports and power exhaust valves. However, riders who use AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-stroke oil tell a different story; one with cleaner performance all around.

With INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic oil, ports keep clean better and power valves work as intended. What’s more, other riders will thank you – AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® creates fewer exhaust fumes because it burns cleaner and more thoroughly.

2-Stroke Injector
Oil (AIO)

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2-stroke injector oil

Injector Oil (AIT)

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Interceptor 2-stroke

Racing Oil (AIO)

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exceptional synthetic 2-stroke oil

Formula 4-Stroke®
Motor Oil (AIO)

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Formula 4-Stroke

Start offering AMSOIL to your customers

AMSOIL Sold HereSnowmobile riders want the best protection possible for their money can buy because breakdowns on the trail are as dangerous as they are inconvenient. Do you carry AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil on your shelves? Give your customers the option of AMSOIL products and see the difference it makes. With options for motorcycles, dirt bikes, powerboats, and other powersports, add AMSOIL to the fluids you offer.

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The best in snow-ready performance

If your idea of an exciting weekend is drag-racing your sled down the lake or in formal competition, only the pinnacle of performance engine oils will do. Anything less will result in engine wear that requires more frequent rebuilds and at higher costs. For the tops in heat-producing snowmobile racing applications, AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is the solution.

Formulated to protect against the extreme heat generated by wide open throttle – even 10,000 RPM or more – DOMINATOR® unlocks all the potential energy from your snow machine with clean-burning properties that protect your racing-focused snowmobile. It generates fewer power-robbing deposits and aids in prevention of pre-ignition.

Interceptor cold-weather protection

Comparison -40 (˚F) for 12 hours. AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® compared to: Ski-Doo XPS® 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil; Arctic Cat® 2-Cycle Synthetic C-TEC2; Polaris® VES Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil.

In cold weather snowmobile oil must perform at start-up and while running at wide-open throttle. Modern engine power valve design, needs oil to move quickly at start-up and while running. AMSOIL reaches to the critical parts of the engine faster, protecting against start-up wear so the engine runs smooth and delivers the best performance from start-up to shut-down and more fun on the trail for you.

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