Synthetic Oil Change

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Better protection for your engine

Synthetic Oil Change

The Importance of a Synthetic Oil Change

Every car owner knows that engine oil needs to be replaced periodically. Whether it’s the sticker in the corner of the windshield or the oil life monitor that lets you know it’s due, on-time oil changes are crucial for engine longevity and performance. That’s even truer for modern engines with tighter tolerances and turbochargers that require a synthetic oil change.

Today’s service intervals are further apart than the familiar 5,000 km, sometimes ranging up to 20,000 km between oil changes. Conventional oil can’t hold up to that type of use but with a synthetic oil change, the engine can perform the same at the end of the interval as it did on day one. Uniform particle sizes and high-quality additives and detergents protect your engine from wear and sludge buildup between service intervals, and AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil protects better than any others in its class.

How long does synthetic oil last?

How often should you change synthetic oil?

How long does synthetic oil last before it needs to be changed? Unlike conventional oil or semi-synthetic blended dexos oil, AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil maintains its lubricity to provide better wear protection and remains pourable in cold temperatures, but it still needs to be changed at regular intervals to retain those benefits.

With AMSOIL OE Motor Oil, you can confidently drive between factory maintenance intervals. For models like the Ford F-150 with an EcoBoost engine, that can be up to 16,000 km or one year while other makes using synthetic oil may have even longer intervals. With AMSOIL OE Motor Oil, it’s the peace of mind you get between services from using high-quality synthetic lubricants.

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What makes AMSOIL OE 100% Synthetic Motor Oil different?

Compared to other leading synthetic oils like Royal Purple 5W30 and Castrol synthetic oil, AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil matches or exceeds in criteria where it matters most to you. Experience the best fuel economy due to reduced friction and lower operating temperatures and faster warm-ups. High-grade additives and detergents keep your crankcase cleaner without robbing your engine of performance. Compared with GM dexos1 Gen 2 specs, AMSOIL OE Motor Oil offered 47% more wear protection in the Peugeot Tu3M Wear Test.

It’s available in five different viscosities including 0W16 oil, 0W20 oil, 5W20 oil, 5W30 oil, and 10W30 oil for coverage on a wide range of applications.

OE 0W-16
100% Synthetic Oil

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0W16 Synthetic Oil

OE 0W-20
100% Synthetic Oil

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0W20 Synthetic Oil

OE 5W-20
100% Synthetic Oil

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5W20 Synthetic Oil

OE 5W-30
100% Synthetic Oil

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5W30 Synthetic Oil

OE 10W-30
100% Synthetic Oil

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10W30 Synthetic Oil

Choose AMSOIL OE for your next oil change

Improves Fuel Economy & Maintains Low Emissions

OE Synthetic oil change is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to meet or exceed the requirements commonly found in your owner’s manuals. It has earned the additional “Resource Conserving” designation from the API fuel-economy testing. The AMSOIL OE series oil is formulated for modern emissions-control systems protecting the proper operation of catalytic converters, longer service life indicated by oil life monitoring systems and low exhaust emissions.

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