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Aerosol spray protectants and cleaners outperform the best

There’s no question, AMSOIL is the most trusted name in high-quality synthetic lubricants for automotive, agricultural, industrial, and recreational industries. Engine oils and fluids outperform the competition handily, so why would it be a surprise that AMSOIL aerosol spray lubricants and cleaners are formulated to be anything but the best?

In AMSOIL’s arsenal are high-performing spray lubricants, cleaners, and protectants including:

AMSOIL formulates every protectant and cleaner to stringent standards, and the same product you find in an industrial-strength package is in the aerosol can sold to consumers just like you. AMSOIL products are so good that sales are restricted in certain areas rather than compromise on quality and sell a diluted product like other vendors do.

Because you trust AMSOIL to be the best, we won’t compromise on quality. Every bottle, can or container of AMSOIL contains full-strength ingredients. It’s the AMSOIL way. So, at the moment, Metal Protector is the only AMSOIL spray that’s approved to be shipped to all areas of Canada and the USA.

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Metal Protector

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Metal Protecor

Engine and
Transmission Flush

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Engine and Transmission Flush

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Firearm Lubricant

Air Tool Oil

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Air Tool Oil

How AMSOIL metal protector performs

Metal ProtecorWhen it arrived on the market in 1953, WD-40 set the bar high for an aerosol spray with thousands of uses. Although the ingredients are a tightly-kept secret, few products have matched or exceeded its functions. Until AMSOIL Metal Protector…

Like the WD-40 moniker, Metal Protector displaces water and penetrates deep to unlock seized parts. It’s perfect for common uses like lubricating a bike chain, stopping squeaky hinges, and repelling corrosion. It’s the ideal rust remover, and it’s safe enough to be used to dry and protect electrical connections and ignition systems. Plus, it’s gentle enough to be used on plastic, leather, paint, fabric, and fishing line.

Metal Protector aerosol spray available to consumers is the same high-quality formulation as the professionals use. Keep one wherever you work: the garage, the basement, the car trunk, and even the junk drawer in the kitchen.

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