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Benefits of using AMSOIL for your semi truck oil change

On a semi truck, 25,000 miles go by in a flash. Normal preventative maintenance intervals can cost owner-operators and companies thousands in downtime and extra expenses, and every few years the engine still needs to be rebuilt. AMSOIL can make all the difference for drivers and fleet managers who want to keep their trucks running longer and with lower routine service of semi truck oil and repairs.

What motor oil is best for long-haul trucks?

For decades, conventional 15W40 motor oil was seen as the best option to protect heavy-duty diesel engines and keep them in good working order. In cold weather, 5W40 was often preferred due to a lower pour point, but it left engines more exposed to wear over time. Today, full-synthetic engine oils are much better at protecting a truck’s engine.

AMSOIL has several grades of Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil including 15W40, 5W40, 0W40, 5W30, and even 20W50. By using AMSOIL in diesel engines, you can get your truck back on the road fast and keep it there.

Signature Series Max-Duty with 6X's more protection

Third-party testing shows Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers 6X more protection against wear than required by Detroit Diesel’s® standard.*

*Based on third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222 using 5W-30 as worst-case representation.

Max-Duty 5W-30

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Max-Duty 5W30

Max-Duty 10W-30

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Max-Duty 10W30

Max-Duty 0W-40

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Max-Duty 0W40

Max-Duty 5W-40

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Max-Duty 5W40

Max-Duty 15W-40

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Max-Duty 15W40
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AMSOIL's Heavy-Duty diesel oil with 4X's more protection

Third-party testing shows Heavy-Duty synthetic diesel oil delivers 4X more protection against wear than required by Detroit Diesel’s® standard.*

*Based on third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222 using 10W-30 as worst-case representation.

Heavy-Duty 10W-30

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Heavy-Duty 10W30

Heavy-Duty 5W-40

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Heavy-Duty 5W40

Heavy-Duty 15W-40

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Heavy Duty 15W40

Benefits of using AMSOIL in a semi truck engines

Better protection against soot

Compared to leading engine oil brands, AMSOIL controls diesel engine soot the best. Soot acts as an abrasive to metal components. When soot levels are high, regular diesel engine oil carries soot particles to moving parts where they defeat the purpose of oil’s protective barrier. AMSOIL protects the engine’s metal parts by encapsulating soot particles and carrying them away to be filtered out.

Better fuel economy

Superior lubrication is a serious benefit for wear prevention, and it also aids in fuel efficiency. Engines that use AMSOIL have less resistance from friction. Less fuel is necessary to overcome that resistance, which is why using AMSOIL can improve fuel economy by 3%. Who wouldn’t love a few more MPG on semi-trucks in their fleet?

Less engine oil consumption

Between oil change intervals, semi trucks tend to burn oil. It can be considered normal for an engine to consume as much as a gallon of engine oil. AMSOIL’s exceptional capacity to lubricate prevents gouges in cylinder walls and wear on piston rings, and also better seals the gap between the two. The result is up to 38% less engine oil consumption, so don’t be surprised when you check the oil.

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More great products from AMSOIL

AMSOIL has products that enhance performance, longevity, durability, and fuel economy. For semi trucks, that includes:

  • Diesel All-In-One to clean diesel fuel injectors, reduce cold-weather gelling, and boost cetane to elevate performance.
  • Severe Gear and Long Life Synthetic gear lube for optimal bearing protection and high-load lubrication.
  • Engine oil filters, bypass oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and transmission oil filters for most heavy-duty applications.
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