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The key to car maintenance, the oil change

Car & truck oil change maintenance

In the past, an oil change service was fairly simple. Just drive 5,000 km (3,000 miles) then find an oil change centre or do it yourself. Not only have these common oil change intervals gone by the wayside, but so have the oils from previous years. Motor oil change service today costs more due to the increased additives needed to promote better fuel economy and longer drain intervals, and more importantly meet the specifications of modern engine technology. Additives are the most expensive part of engine oil and most oil blending companies use the minimum amount of the least expensive additives required to meet SAE/API requirements. Fleet managers, auto service owners and motorists alike see no real difference with modern-day oils – in fact, they see them on par with conventional oil and for the most part, they’re right!

Current oil standards simply don’t focus on quality or consumer value. While there are dozens of branded oils in the market, not all are the same quality. When you start right, you can end right. AMSOIL starts with the best-of-class, highest-quality base stocks and additives, and over 45 years of pioneering knowledge to formulate the perfect recipe. The end result is a synthetic motor oil that far exceeds SAE/API standards in quality. Customer recognition from fleet managers, service centre owners, commercial contractors, and private motorists gives credibility to AMSOIL’s claim that quality holds better value than lower price alone.

What makes oil changes so important?

The most harmful effects on any vehicle are heat and friction, and it’s evident nowhere more than in powertrain components. Friction and heat will rob an engine of power, contribute to excessive wear, and lower your fuel mileage. Over time, lasting damage can result. AMSOIL engine oil products for cars and trucks will keep your engine running like new with the highest protection.

By choosing AMSOIL, your engine will stay healthy for longer, extending the best years of operation. Your engine will run cooler, at peak efficiency, and you’ll save money on car oil and filter changes throughout the year with extended intervals.

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Types of AMSOIL engine oil for passenger vehicles

You’ll get high-quality, fully synthetic engine oil from AMSOIL – no bargain conventional or misleading marketing labels. When the best protection is what you demand, turn to these AMSOIL products:

  • Choose the Signature Series 100% synthetic motor oil and AMSOIL EaO® long life oil filter for your one (1) year/40,000 km oil change service.
  • Choose the XL Series 100% synthetic oil for oil change service in 6 months/19,300 km paired with the AMSOIL EaO Long life oil filter or another brand long life oil filter.
  • Choose the OE Series full synthetic motor oil for an oil change service as indicated in your owner’s manual or as indicated by the Oil Life Monitor.

Are you a capable DIYer? Change the engine oil yourself. If you prefer the touch of a trained mechanic, purchase AMSOIL oil and a filter and have your chosen auto service shop can change it for you.

Let’s set you up for the best synthetic oil change experience.

40,000 kilometers or/ 1 year service when paired with AMSOIL EaO oil filter

Signature Series 100% synthetic motor oils

Signature Series
0W-20 (ASM)

customer review

0W20 Signature Motor Oil

Signature Series
0W-30 (AZO)

customer review

0W30 Signature Motor Oil

Signature Series
0W-40 (AZF)

customer review

0W40 Signature Motor Oil

Signature Series
5W-20 (ALM)

customer review

5W20 Signature Series Motor Oil

Signature Series
5W-30 (ASL)

customer review

5W30 Signature Motor Oil

Signature Series
10W30 (ATM)

customer review

10W30 Signature Motor Oil

Signature Series
5W50 (AMR)

customer review

5W50 Signature Motor Oil

Ea15 & EaO
Long Life Oil Filter

customer review

Long Life Oil Filter

Signature Series automatic transmission fluids

Fuel Efficient ATF

customer review

Multi-Vehicle ATF Fuel Efficient

Multi-Vehicle ATF

customer review

Multi-Vehicle ATF

Synthetic CVT Fluid

customer review

CVT Transmission FLuid

Synthetic DCT Fluid

customer review

Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

Manual transmission fluids 100% synthetic!

Manual & Transaxle
75W-90 (MTG)

customer review

Manual and Transaxle Gear Lube 75W90

Synchromesh Fluid
5W-30 (MTF)

customer review

Synchromesh Fluid 5W30

All of our synthetic lubricants deliver performance that conventional and other synthetic brand oils can’t match. It’s a difference you’ll notice every time you put it in drive.

Other AMSOIL products to consider

You’ve chosen to invest in the best engine oil, and AMSOIL has even more to offer. Products include:

  • Engine air filters for improved airflow and less frequent replacement.
  • Fuel additives to maintain your fuel injectors and combustion chamber.
  • Gear lube for long-lasting differential operation with reduced friction.
  • ATF fluid, CVT fluid, and gear oil for your transmission fluid change.

All AMSOIL products for your car and truck are quality tested to the highest standards. Of course, they pass with flying colours!

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