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Street bikes depend on oil for reliability

Street bike riders can be a different bread. They can be high revving on a Ducati or laid-back cruising on a Honda Goldwing, but the open-air experience is one that can’t be beat. Summers are short enough, and no rider has the time for inconvenient repairs or maintenance, much less a roadside breakdown or the expense that goes with motorcycle engine repairs. Without proper lubrication, it is possible that the riding season can be cut short.

Rather than literally cook the engine under extreme heat or miss shifts due to viscosity breakdown – conditions that many OEM oils experience – riders can get the dependability of class-leading lubrication and heat reduction with AMSOIL Synthetic METRIC Motorcycle Oil. It runs cooler. It resists thermal breakdown. It protects better against shear forces. And it keeps riders on the saddle for more days of the short season.

Find the perfect match motorcycle oil and AMSOIL Ea® oil filter for your next oil change.

Only the best street bike oil viscosity and oil filter for your ride

Locating the right oil and EaOM oil filter for a particular motorcycle is easy on the AMSOIL site with an intelligent Look-up Guide that filters by year, make, and model.

The AMSOIL street bike oil and filter lookup will find the right oil viscosity, oil capacity and long life oil filter for your motorcycle engine and keep your bike running like new. Vintage bike owners prefer the AMSOIL brand to protect their hard to find engines and transmissions. Keep your bike running like new for years.

Motorcycle oil and filter lookup

How AMSOIL synthetic street bike oil outperforms

The reviews tell the full story. From BMW adventure and urban mobility bikes to Spyder Can-Am models and Yamaha motorcycles of all kinds, AMSOIL buyers never go back to lesser OEM oils and bargain products that simply don’t deliver the same level of protection.

AMSOIL Synthetic METRIC Motorcycle Oil is proven to help reduce operating temperatures in air-cooled street bike engines and provides unrivaled rust and corrosion protection while maintaining a clean, deposit-free crankcase. It’s perfect for high-RPM engines as its anti-foam additives prevent metal-on-metal wear better than other leading brands.

The difference is noticeable. Riders say they experience better clutch engagement and smoother shifts with AMSOIL METRIC Motorcycle Oil. Its formula specifically omits friction modifiers that could cause slippage and glazing so every shift is crisp and clean.

AMSOIL Synthetic METRIC oil is API SM, JASO MA/MA2 certified and is recommended for Can-Am, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, Triumph, and Yamaha motorcycles among others that require 10W-40 oil. Better yet, using AMSOIL can double the OEM’s recommended drain interval!

Our best synthetic oil for street bikes

Metric Motorcycle
10W-30 (MTC)

customer review

Metric motorcycle 10W-30

Metric Motorcycle
10W-40 (MCF)

customer review

Motorcycle 10W40

Metric Motorcycle
15W-50 (MCF)

customer review

Motorcycle 15W-50

Dale Beck,
Laboratory Chemist for AMSOIL INC
Talks about research and development of
AMSOIL’s branded Metric Motorcycle engine oil.

Make AMSOIL a staple in your stock

AMSOIL Sold HereBikers want the best protection they can afford to keep their street bike running at the highest level. Do you carry AMSOIL Synthetic METRIC Motorcycle Oil?  Offer the switch to AMSOIL for your discerning riders by adding AMSOIL Synthetic oils and fluids to your shelves.

Offer your customers the best street bike oils available by AMSOIL ®

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“Our goal is to continue to make only the best oil that outperforms everything else on the market place… That’s our goal and we always strive for that.”
Dean Alexander, Co-President & CFO

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