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Popular scooter brands benefit from premium engine oils.

Scooter engine oil isn’t just an oil; it’s the lifeline of your ride. Whether you’re cruising on a Vespa, Piaggio, Aprillia, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki. They’re the top brands in scooters and mopeds, and while they’re fun to ride and extremely efficient, using the term “high performance” is a stretch by any standard. Although a burnout isn’t how you’ll wear out your rear tire – high mileage is more likely – your engine can experience wear and tear if it isn’t properly maintained.

Keep your scooter engine operating reliably and efficiently year after year. AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Scooter Oil is specially formulated for the unique needs of small-displacement engines on two wheels.

Your next scooter engine oil change

For scooters and mopeds manufactured by today’s strict standards, AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil is without comparison. Even under high-RPM operation where common lubricants lose viscosity and their ability to control wear, AMSOIL is stable against shear wear. As well, AMSOIL scooter oil resists thermal breakdown in air-cooled engines and protects against rust and corrosion by promoting long-term coating on moving parts.

For mopeds that use the same oil for both the engine and wet-clutch applications, AMSOIL is compatible and prevents slippage while increasing clutch life and smooth operation.

What is the best oil for my scooter engine?

Keep gasoline fresh with AMSOIL's fuel additive

With fuel efficiency that can’t be compared – even for hybrid cars – it’s likely you’ll put your scooter away at the end of the season with fuel still in the tank. Degrading gasoline leaves gummy buildup and varnish in fuel injection systems and carburetors, messing with your engine’s smooth-running performance the next spring. It can be aggravating and costly to fix.

In addition to synthetic oil for scooter engines, AMSOIL offers a Gasoline Stabilizer that keeps fuel in the tank for up to 12 months. It combats the corrosive effects of ethanol in your fuel and is proven to be even more effective than Sea Foam Motor Treatment.

Our recommendation for 2-stroke scooter engine oil.

Two-stroke scooter engine oils must be able to handle high temperatures and engine speed, which can be too much for some oils and cause piston scuffing and damage. In addition, the best synthetic scooter oil burns cleanly; otherwise, the oil can cause heavy carbon deposits on the piston crown, rings, and inside the exhaust port. If these deposits become too thick, they can cause pre-ignition an irregular combustion that disrupts engine timing and, in extreme cases, damages the piston or rod bearings. It goes without saying that the repair would be costly during the early years of the engine‘s life.

AMSOIL says goodbye to the excess buildup of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and pre-ignition, an abnormal combustion process that disrupts the engine’s timing.

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AMSOIL Sold HereMoped riders want to protect their fuel-efficient two-wheelers for long-lasting use. Do you carry AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Scooter Oil on your shelves? Include AMSOIL as an option for your customers by creating a retail account. With options for motorcycles, snowmobiles, powerboats, and other powersports, AMSOIL is the perfect addition to your product line.

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